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Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow hold mini-'Friends' reunion at Emmys

"We've been roommates since 1994."
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/ Source: TODAY

So, here's a "Friends" news flash you might not have realized: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow are all roommates!

Well, that's how it was on "Friends," which ran from 1994 to 2004 ... but as we learned during the 72nd Emmys broadcast Sunday night, they're still rooming together!

OK, maybe they were pulling our leg.

Aniston had a busy night, showing us her pre-Emmy facial mask routine, then bounding over to the (largely empty) stages to present the first award of the night, then racing back home for dinner with her "Friends" pals. But host Jimmy Kimmel wanted to check in on them, and they all played along as if they'd been living the "Friends" life all along.

"Your category is coming up and I wanted to make sure you were there," he told Aniston, referring to her lead actress nomination for "The Morning Show."


"I barely made it, but we're here," said Aniston ... and then Cox stuck her head into the camera frame.

When Kimmel expressed surprise that she was there, she acted like it was totally normal. "Of course I'm here," said Cox. "We live together. We've been roommates since 1994."

Before he could get over his surprise, Kudrow joined in. "You live there, too?" he asked her.

"Where else would I live?" she wondered.

Jason Bateman dropped by for a moment.
Jason Bateman dropped by for a moment.YouTube

And then "Ozark's" Jason Bateman wandered through the background.

"Bateman lives in your house?" Kimmel said in astonishment.

"Just until he goes off to college," deadpanned Aniston.

Well, then!

All right, so we know they're joshing, but still, we sure love that concept. And since HBO Max has put off the actual "Friends" reunion (which has been pushed back three times since March, due to coronavirus restrictions) indefinitely, we'll just have to enjoy this all-too-brief moment with some of our all-time favorite actresses.