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This hilarious 'SNL' sketch perfectly nails what it's like for moms to go out

“I left my man at home and my kids are with the nanny. Dress so tight, all the haters can’t stand me."
/ Source: TODAY

Months after “Saturday Night Live” perfectly poked fun at how many women love crime shows and murder mystery documentaries in a viral sketch, the show aired a hilarious new bit capturing what it’s like for moms to have a girls night out.

Last night’s episode, hosted by Kim Kardashian West, featured a music video that has women on Twitter feeling seen for how Kardashian West, Cecily Strong, Ego Nwodim and Punkie Johnson portray trying to enjoy the nightlife with the little energy they have left after being busy parents.

“Guys, I don’t know about this. I haven’t been out to a club in forever,” Strong says to her friends while waiting in line to enter a hot spot. “Come on, it’s going to be so much fun. We used to always do this,” Kardashian West assures her.

“Yeah, in our 20s,” Nwodim reminds her. “Well, all I do is take care of these kids, okay. I need this,” Johnson chimes in.

As the ladies enter the club, they dedicate the song to the “grown and sexy” ladies who dedicate so much of their time to caring for others and deserve a night for themselves.

“I left my man at home and my kids are with the nanny. Dress so tight, all the haters can’t stand me,” Nwodim raps while Kardashian West piggybacks with a flow saying she’s “in the VIP and the music is pumpin’” before showing the real-life reality star, mogul and mother of four fast asleep collapsed on a couch.

Kim Kardashian West falls asleep on a couch in nightclub in a "Saturday Night Live" sketch about going out later in life. Saturday Night Live on NBC

Each cast member goes on to rap about the fun they are having being out with their girlfriends, away from their responsibilities and wearing outfits they never get to wear. Soon, reality sets in.

Nwodin’s heels hurt her feet after a long night of dancing and she has to soak them on ice. Johnson’s ears can’t handle how loud the music is, making her ask “Who needs a song to be this damn loud?” Strong gets sick after realizing she can’t eat the junk foods she used to, making her reach for some Pepto-Bismol.

Women took to Twitter to laugh at how relatable the "SNL" sketch is.

“Not gonna lie,” one user wrote. “I'm like Kim Kardashian when I go clubbing."

“Okay, SNL, that filmed piece about moms going clubbing really got me,” wrote another.

On YouTube, a commenter joked, “I don’t appreciate being called out like this.”

“As a 30 yr old mom to three, this hits diff. Esp after a pandemic, my body is like ‘nah, we don’t do that anymore.’” someone else added.