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This surprisingly catchy 'SNL' song perfectly explains why women love true crime

Ladies, you're about to feel so seen.
/ Source: TODAY

Step aside, Zillow addicts. The next viral "Saturday Night Live" hit is all about women's inexplicable obsession with murder.

Last night’s episode of the sketch show, hosted by Nick Jonas, featured another music video that has true-crime fans feeling called out — in the best way. The lyrics perfectly capture how, after a long day, sometimes all you want to do is binge a documentary about a serial killer.

Chloe Fineman gets ready for a night of watching true crime.
Chloe Fineman gets ready for a night of watching true crime.

The sketch, aptly titled “Murder Show,” starred Chloe Fineman, Kate McKinnon, Ego Nwodim and Melissa Villaseñor along with Jonas as Fineman’s partner. Jonas kicks off the sketch by telling Fineman he’s heading out, inquiring about her plans for the evening. Fineman shrugs, telling Jonas that she’s probably just going to “finish up work and relax.”

“I have the whole night to unwind and do a little self-care, the only way I know how,” Nwodim, Villaseñor, and McKinnon say as the screen shifts to them in their respective homes. McKinnon picks up her remote and immediately turns on Netflix, a hub for true-crime shows, including last month's "Night Stalker."

“I’m gonna watch a murder show,” the women sing together. “Netflix, Showtime, HBO and Dateline, YouTube, Hulu, that’s my favorite thing to do.”

Kate McKinnon in the "Murder Show" sketch on "SNL."
Kate McKinnon in the "Murder Show" sketch on "SNL."

Each cast member goes into detail on some of the heinous crimes they’re learning about, usually while completing other mundane tasks. Fineman folds her pajamas while Villaseñor curls up on the couch, eating a slice of pizza, and McKinnon texts her sister about her baby.

At one point, Nwodim even sings, “They dig up some bodies and do an autopsy. Boring, wake me up when it’s Munchausen by proxy.” (If you know, you know.)

Ego Nwodim in "Muder Shows" on "SNL."
Ego Nwodim in "Muder Shows" on "SNL."

Of course, a sketch about true crime wouldn't be complete without bringing up podcasts.

“As soon as I’m done, I listen to a podcast about the same guy as the show I just watched because now I’m fully down the rabbit hole,” the cast sings.

Jonas eventually walks in on Fineman as a gruesome crime scene flashes on their TV, and she admits all she's only watched murder shows all night.

Nick Jonas hosted and performed as the musical guest in last night's episode of "SNL."
Nick Jonas hosted and performed as the musical guest in last night's episode of "SNL."

“You do realize there's a type of show that’s even better than murder shows, right?” Jonas replies. The pop star immediately bursts into song, belting, “Have you heard about cult shows?”

The music video then cuts to Jonas dancing while dressed as the subject of recent HBO docu-series "The Vow."

Going down the true-crime rabbit hole is especially relatable when we're all staying home more than usual due to COVID-19.

“I only have two modes. Zillow and Murder Show,” one fan commented on YouTube, a reference to the "SNL" sketch that poked fun at 30-somethings and their real estate fantasies.

"So it's not just my wife," joked another.

One person tweeted, "SNL didn't have to go so hard with Murder Show but I'm so glad they did."

"I FEEL SO SEEN!!" someone else added.