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'Saturday Night Live' sketch perfectly captures family holiday drama in 2020

Another year, another relatable "SNL" Christmas sketch!
/ Source: TODAY

From parenting stress to impractical clothes for children, “Saturday Night Live” always hilariously tackles the essence of the holiday season.

With people choosing to stay put this year instead of traveling to visit family, many adult kids are having conversations with their parents to break the news that they won’t be coming home for the holidays.

“SNL” captured the essence of the conversation in the sketch “The Christmas Conversation,” featuring Lauren Holt, Ego Nwodim and Chloe Fineman as three women calling their moms — played by Heidi Gardner, Punkie Johnson and Kate McKinnon — via FaceTime to break the news.

“Oh honey, you do not need to come home for Christmas, I just want you to be safe,” Gardner told Holt's character, seemingly innocent.

Holt, surprised, replied, “Really? Thanks mom.”

“Yeah, and I guess since you won’t be coming, I’ll just throw your stocking in the fire,” Gardner threatened, later pretending that she fell on the floor to guilt her daughter into making the trip.

Johnson, who was in the middle of cooking gumbo in the kitchen, told Nwodim, “Okay, let’s talk about this later… when you’ve changed your damn mind!”

Kenan Thompson dials into the call between Johnson and Nwodim, initially telling his daughter that it’s okay and that he will miss her before changing his tune when his wife tells him that it’s not okay.

McKinnon takes a more dramatic route, telling Fineman, “If you don’t love me, Marie, just say so. I didn’t raise a coward.”

The episode’s host, Jason Bateman, played the role of Fineman’s father, appearing alongside McKinnon to deliver this message to his daughter: “You know, your mother really misses you, right? Are you not getting that? Is your heart not working baby? This is your mother here.”

“You know, your mother really misses you, right? Are you not getting that? Is your heart not working baby? This is your mother here.”Saturday Night Live / YouTube

Chaos ensues at all three households while each mother tries to guilt-trip their daughter through various scenarios into coming home for Christmas.

Fans lauded the clip on Twitter for its relatability this holiday season.

One fan joked, "You did not have my permission to air this private family footage!”

“Nailed it. Cried and laughed out loud,” another fan tweeted. “Thank you for giving voice to the tension we have this year and for encouraging people to do the right thing!"

The sketch ended on an optimistic note, urging viewers to stay safe this holiday season along with the message, “Someday soon we all will be together."