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Have J.Lo and Ben Affleck been re-creating the 'Jenny from the Block' video?

The watch, the yacht. One fan theory now has us wondering.
/ Source: TODAY

Jennifer Lopez may not be ready to share details about her ongoing reunion with ex-fiancé Ben Affleck — but at least one sleuthing fan on the internet thinks she can explain what's going on.

While many fans agree the two former lovebirds appear to be making sweet music together again, Caissie St. Onge, co-host of Busy Philipps's podcast, "Busy Philipps’s Doing Her Best," took things to another level over the weekend by sharing one whopper of a celebrity conspiracy theory.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - July 09, 2021
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles in early July. Could the pair be performing a shot-by-shot re-enactment of Lopez's 2002 video for "Jenny From the Block"?BG004 / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images

In short, St. Onge believes the pair are performing "a shot-for-shot remake" of J.Lo's 2002 video for her hit song "Jenny From the Block" — a video that co-starred her sweetie at the time, Affleck.

The TV writer first mentioned the "possibility" of her idea during the May 26 episode of the podcast, telling her co-hosts, "I hope it's a theory that doesn't upset people or bum people out. But even if my theory's true, I'm still cool with it."

"Gigli" Premieres in LA
The couple arriving at the premiere of their rom-com "Gigli" in 2003.Frank Trapper / Corbis via Getty Images

St. Onge pointed out that next year marks the 20th anniversary of the video. A video, which, by the way, focused on the paparazzi's obsession with the pair's romance.

She also mentioned that Affleck, now 48, had recently been seen wearing a watch that looked a lot like the watch Lopez, who recently turned 52, gave him in the video.

Since late May, the photographic evidence has only mounted. And, now St. Onge believes her theory is on the money.

She provided more explanation on her Instagram page, sharing several posts filled with similar-looking pics of Lopez and Affleck kissing and embracing from both the video and recent weeks.

Her most compelling evidence? Perhaps the two nearly identical photos — one from the video and one shot more recently — showing Affleck with his hand on J.Lo's famous derriere as the two enjoy a ride on a yacht. And, yes, in the newer pic, Lopez's bikini looks very similar to the one she wore in the video.

"Let’s examine the evidence I’ve compiled so far," St. Onge wrote in one caption. "This May, Ben was seen wearing the watch J.Lo gave him IN the orig JFTB video! On seeing this, my immediate first instinct was ... they are remaking the video. Am I a witch? Yes. Did that mean I was right? We’ll see."

"On June 14th, B & J were snapped at a dinner together, by paparazzi. People focused on the fact that it was their 1st public kiss since rebooting their romance. *I* focused on the placement of everything at that dinner, including the angle the paps were shooting from. Very similar to the shots of B & J at dinner being secretly shot by paps in JFTB vid!" she continued. "Jen even seems to be wearing a similar up/down hairdo."

She went on: "Did this confirm I was on the right track? Not just yet. I said, 'Call me when they are on a yacht together. That’s when I will know. WELL GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TODAY! Ben, Jen, yacht, bikini. Kissing. Did he kiss her a-- on the yacht? I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out when the video comes out, which I am now 98% sure must be happening," she wrote.


St. Onge said she knew her theory makes some fans "nervous" because it may mean "the romance is a sham." But she doesn't necessarily believe that.

"Folks, no. That is not what anyone is saying here. I believe the romance is as real as it was the first time, ok? I’m here for it & rooting for them," she wrote. "But I also want this video."

She added, "P.S. If they are not remaking this vid for 20 anni, the only other explanation is they are subconsciously reenacting every scene from it without realizing b/c it was such a pivotal time in their lives. Which would be deeply romantic. BUT ALSO DEEPLY DISAPPOINTING TO ME!"