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Emmanuelle Chriqui: "We Only Have One Planet"

Emmanuelle Chriqui is one celeb making green the hottest color around!
/ Source: E!online

Emmanuelle Chriqui is one celeb making green the hottest color around!

That said, the Entourage actress does admit she's not eco-perfect...

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Tell us about the work you're doing with the Environmental Media Association.I am a member of the EMA Young Hollywood Board, which is a group of actors, actresses and musicians who are working on different environmental projects. One of our big projects is to mentor organic school gardens in Los Angeles, and we have 15 gardens that we support with donations and working in the gardens with the kids.

How do you do things in your everyday life to be green?I drive a hybrid vehicle, recycle, shop with reusable bags, and am installing a water filtration system in my home to try to be bottled water free.

What's one tip you have for people on how to be green?One tip I like is don't forget your reusable bags when you go to the drug store or to the mall. I think most people think of the bags for the grocery store, but I try to take mine wherever I go.

Why do you think it's important to be environmentally conscious?I think it is important that we all do our part, because we only have one planet. I'm not perfect and I don't think anyone can be, but hopefully, you can find the things that work for your life.

Do you try to your Entourage castmates to go green while on set?Well, Adrian Grenier is a very committed environmentalist, so I see a lot of environmental initiatives on the set. It's a growing trend for productions as studios are doing more to have greener sets.

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