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Taylor Swift-loving toddler goes viral for her newfound appreciation of football

"Who's your favorite football player?" "Um ... Taylor Swift."
split of Taylor Swift at Chief's came with Lowe family
What do Taylor Swift and the Lowe family have in common? They both love to cheer for the Chiefs!David Eulitt / Getty Images / Courtesy Jordan Lowe

Hattie Lowe is an energetic 2-year-old who loves to cheer for her favorite football player — Taylor Swift.

In the sweet viral Instagram video posted by her mother, Jordan Lowe, Hattie, adorably dressed in her cousins' hand-me-down Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader outfit, says, "I'm so excited for football."

Lowe follows up by asking, "Can you tell me what you like about football?"

"No, thank you," replies the polite and self-assured Hattie, who is known in her family for using big words.

"Who's playing football?" Lowe asks.

Much like every Taylor Swift fan who only started paying attention to the NFL once their Travis Kelce era began, Hattie replies, "I ... I don't know. I don't know!"

"Who's your favorite football player?" Lowe asks Hattie.

"Ummm ... Taylor Swift," she says definitively.

Lowe family
"I'm so excited for football," says 2-year-old Hattie, pictured here with her parents and the Kansas City Chiefs mascot, KC Wolf.Courtesy Jordan Lowe

Like her daughter, Lowe is much more interested in football when Swift is on screen. "I'm not a big sports person. I love watching games and hanging out and eating and having a couple beers, but I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a huge Chiefs fan," Lowe says. 

The real football fan in the Lowe household is Hattie's father, Henry Lowe. He is a Kansas City, Missouri firefighter who happened to be watching the game from the firehouse while his wife and daughter were at a cousin's house on September 24.

Jordan Lowe, who had been following the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce romance rumors at the time, knew that Taylor might make an appearance at the game and used that fact to get Hattie interested in watching.

"She's only 2 so it's not like she's like a diehard Taylor Swift fan or a Swiftie or anything like that. But she loves her music and we do listen to her a lot at our house," says Jordan Lowe, who tells that Hattie's favorite Swift song is "Shake It Off."

When Taylor Swift appeared next to Travis Kelce's mother, Donna, Jordan Lowe says their cousin ran upstairs and shouted, "'She's there! She's on the TV! She's there — at the game!' And we were all losing our ever-loving minds."

Lowe family
Hattie Lowe and her father, Henry, love watching football together.Courtesy Jordan Lowe

Though Hattie was mostly uninterested in football prior to Swift's arrival on the field, she now watches games with her dad in the hope of spotting one of her favorite singers.

"She's always liked just hanging out with her dad. They're definitely best buddies," Jordan Lowe says. "But now when Henry says we're going to watch football, she gets so excited. And then she's like, 'Is Taylor Swift there?' She'll ask us that now."