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Taylor Swift attends Kansas City Chiefs game next to Travis Kelce’s mom

Rumors about a romantic relationship between the pop superstar and the Chiefs tight end have swirled since July.
/ Source: TODAY

The rumors may have been true all along ... or are they?

Taylor Swift, who's rumored to be dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, was spotted at Arrowhead Stadium on Sept. 24 — in the club seats with Kelce's mom, Donna Kelce.

The Chiefs defeated the Chicago Bears 41-10. After the game, Swift stepped out with Travis Kelce himself, who was wearing a tie-dye denim outfit, as seen in a video shared by sports radio host Jarrett Payton.

"Talk about being at the right place at the right time! Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce leaving Arrowhead together after the game," Payton said in a post on X.

Swift's surprise appearance at the stadium was documented throughout Fox's broadcast of the game. In a clip shared by ESPN on social media, Swift was seen wearing a red jacket and seemingly cheering on the Chiefs as they faced off with the Bears. After the camera panned to her, Swift waved and clapped.

During the third quarter of the game, Travis Kelce scored a touchdown, making the score 40-0. Swift was seen celebrating by clapping and hitting the glass of the player's box. She appeared to be shouting, "Let's f------ go."

She also chest bumped a fellow fan beside her.

After the game, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was asked if Swift's presence added pressure for him to get the ball to Travis Kelce.

“I heard she was in the house ... so I knew I had to get it to Travis," Mahomes said.

"I think he wanted to get in the end zone just as much as all the Swifties wanted him to," he added.

At one point in the game, Swift was spotted joking around with Donna Kelce, who went viral earlier this year for having her two sons face off in the Super Bowl.

In one clip shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, Swift appears briefly shocked as Donna Kelce laughs. Swift then grabs her arm as they descend into giggles together.

"I mean, I think the secret's out," one NFL commentator said over the clip.

Rumors about a romantic relationship between Swift and Travis Kelce have swirled since July, when he revealed he attended her Arrowhead Stadium concert and tried to give her a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it.

A source close to Swift confirmed to NBC News that she and Travis Kelce are hanging out and that it is still in the early stages.

Travis Kelce cryptically acknowledged the rumors on the "Pat McAfee Show" Sept. 21, saying he "threw the ball in her court."

“I told her, I’ve seen you rock a stage in Arrowhead and you might have to come see me rock the stage at Arrowhead,” he said. “We’ll see what happens in the near future.”

The Kansas City Chiefs also acknowledged the singer's appearance at the game on X.

“Look who hit the Sunday Matinee," the official account wrote, referring to lyrics from her song "The 1."

"Welcome to #ChiefsKingdom," the tweet said.

The internet had a field day with her NFL appearance.

"In her RED era," the official account for the NFL posted on X, referring to one of Swift's albums and the Chiefs' primary team color.

During halftime, commentator Curt Menefee also referenced one of Swift's lyrics to describe the Bears' performance in the game so far. After the second quarter, the Chiefs led 34-0.

"The way the Bears are playing right now, they are never ever ever getting back in this game," he said, referencing her song from the "Red" album, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

Meanwhile, some Swifties, who are always looking for cryptic clues that signal the singer's next move, pointed out that she shares a birth year with the football star — 1989, which also happens to be the title of her upcoming re-recorded album, out Oct. 27.

Many also mentioned that Swift, a Pennsylvania native, is a Philadelphia Eagles fan. The Chiefs defeated the Eagles in the Super Bowl earlier this year 38-35.

During her stop in Philadelphia on the “Eras Tour,” Swift played her song “Gold Rush” and confirmed that in the lyric mentioning an “Eagles T-shirt,” she was referring to the NFL team, not the “Hotel California” band.

One X user joked that if the 2024 Super Bowl turns out to be a rematch, Swift might need to take a page out of pal Donna Kelce's book and rock a custom jersey for both teams.

"Taylor swift if the eagles and chiefs make it to the super bowl," they tweeted with a photo of Donna Kelce's Super Bowl outfit.

Others took a moment to appreciate Donna Kelce's year of headline-making moments.

"Nobody has had a cooler 2023 than Momma Kelce. Both sons in a Super Bowl and now she's sitting next to Taylor Swift? What a life," one person wrote.