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Michelle Branch says she’s ‘fuming’ after being shamed by another mom for breastfeeding

The singer is shocked that "this kind of judgement" came from a fellow mom at the playground.
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Michelle Branch is "fuming" after being mom-shamed during a recent trip to the playground.Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Michelle Branch has a message for mom-shamers: Goodbye to you.

On Tuesday, the Grammy-winning singer took to Twitter after a trip to the playground left her "fuming."

"I just got shamed by another mother (who was holding her own young infant!) for nursing my 6 week old baby on a bench at a playground while my toddler was playing," Branch, 38, tweeted. "She said I wasn’t 'being modest' I am in shock that this kind of judgement was coming from a fellow mom!"

Fans were quick to weigh in on the situation. One user wrote, "A woman did this to my bestie at the Grammy Museum 10 years ago and I’m still mad about it."

Branch responded, "I was in shock, so I didn’t say anything back. I’m fuming!"

In a follow-up tweet, Branch clarified the details of the situation.

"I had a nursing tank top on and was seated away from others," she wrote on Twitter. "It’s not like I walked into the crowd and whipped my tits out. Being a mom is hard enough. Can we not judge one another for how we feed our babies?"

Branch gave birth to daughter, Willie Jacquet Carney, on February 2 with husband Patrick Carney. The couple are also parents to a son, Rhys James, 3. Branch shares daughter Owen Isabelle Landeau, 16, with ex-husband Teddy Landau.

It's not the first time Branch has responded to criticism in her decisions as a parent.

For Halloween in 2021, a pregnant Branch wore a Virgin Mary costume and posted a photo to Instagram with the caption, "“I swear, I didn’t sleep with anyone."

While many found the humor in her post, others did not.

Later that night, Branch added an update to her post.

“*Update: for those of you offended, chill out," she wrote. "I was raised Catholic, I meant it as no disrespect. She’s the patron saint of expectant mothers and safe childbirth and I thought it would be the perfect costume for pregnant me to waddle around in. I dressed up as St. Rose of Lima for her feast day in Catholic school I don’t see how dressing up as Mary for Halloween is any different.”