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Joanna Gaines shares her brilliant pre-Christmas tradition — see the pic

The mom of five likes to put her kids to work before Christmas.
/ Source: TODAY

Joanna Gaines has a clever way to keep her house organized during the hectic holiday season.

The former “Fixer Upper” star, who recently shared photos of 6-month-old son Crew meeting Santa, took to Instagram on Monday to let her fans in on a tradition she has to help declutter her home.

“Every year right before Christmas I'm the mean mom that makes the kids clean and purge their rooms of old broken toys and junk before the 25th,” the mother of five wrote.

“It's actually fun to watch bc they all get two trash bags and race to see who can finish first (I've tricked them into thinking cleaning is fun). But then I saw this old crutch turned toilet paper holder (genius idea boys) in the trash pile ... not sure I'm ready to part with it quite yet. Maybe next year.”

Aside from the fact that this makeshift toilet paper holder is genius, Gaines may actually be onto something here. Daughters Ella, 12, and Emmie, 8, and sons Drake, 13, Duke, 9, and Crew are bound to get an influx of gifts, so clearing space is probably a wise idea.

It should be no surprise that Gaines makes this an annual pre-Christmas event, given how much she loves the holiday. Whether it's the specialized ornament she gives to husband Chip and the kids, or debating where to put the family's second Christmas tree, it's clear that she is dedicated to making each holiday better than the year before.