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Joanna Gaines shares sweet family ornament tradition she got from Chip's mom

The "Fixer Upper" star said the practice was started with Chip's mother when the couple got married.
Chip and Joanna Gaines
Chip and Joanna Gaines have a holiday tradition you might want to steal.TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

It’s obvious how much Joanna Gaines loves Christmas. She’s already shared details about how she and husband "Fixer Upper" partner Chip get two trees each season. Now she's sharing another family ritual, one started by her mother-in-law years ago.

“Chip’s mom started a fun tradition when we first got married, where she would give all of us an ornament at Thanksgiving. I loved it so much that I started something similar,” Joanna said in a new “Magnolia” blog post.

“Every holiday season, I get Chip and the kids an ornament that goes along with a memory from that year,” she continued. “I write their name and the date on the bottom, so as they get older, each one of them has a little collection that’s all their own.”

In an Instagram story, Joanna showed off the sweet decoration she planned to give Crew, her youngest child, born this past June.

“Crew’s first ornament,” she wrote in a video clip that showed her pressing the baby’s chubby hand, capturing his handprint.

Crew finishes making his first ornament - just seconds before he nearly knocks over the bowl next to it! joannagaines/Instagram

In her latest blog post, Joanna also wrote about one of the two Christmas trees the family picked out this year — a 13-footer that’s by far the tallest one they’ve ever brought home.

“I have no idea how Chip managed to get that thing in the door, but I’m sure glad he did because I can’t get enough of the smell of fresh pine,” she said.

As Joanna has noted previously on social media, the placement of the family's second tree initially caused problems. It traditionally has gone in the den, which no longer exists. The family turned that room into Crew’s nursery over the summer.

But the problem was quickly solved — by placing the second Christmas tree into the home's master bedroom.

“In years past, I would have never thought to put a Christmas tree this adorned in my bedroom, but given the circumstances, it played out just the way it was supposed to,” she said.

“Since bringing home Crew, our master bedroom has become a natural gathering place for our entire family. It’s also where our only working fireplace is, so we all tend to settle in there in the evenings when the weather turns colder.”

She provided proof of that earlier this week when she posted a photo of all the kids snuggled into their parents bed, with their dad, enjoying a moving together.

"Movie night," Joanna wrote in the photo’s caption.