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Erin Napier shares new photo of daughter Mae: 'Almost out of the newborn days'

The HGTV star also revealed that Mae is already sleeping through the night.
/ Source: TODAY

She’s growing up so fast!

Erin Napier shared a new photo of her youngest daughter, Mae, on Instagram, as well as an update on how the baby is doing.

“at a little over 2 months old, mae makes cooing / puppy sounds, eats 5 oz. per feeding, sleeps from 9 pm - 7:30 am and has a nap schedule,” the HGTV star, 35, captioned the photo. “i can’t believe we are almost out of the newborn days. #maedays”

Napier and her husband and “Home Town” costar, Ben Napier, 37, welcomed Mae back in May. They are also parents to another daughter, Helen, 3.

Fans loved Napier’s cute snapshot of herself snuggling with baby Mae, including “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond.

“Sweet beautiful child.❤️,” Drummond wrote in the comments.

Napier also jumped into the comments section to answer people’s questions about how she and her husband have managed to get Mae to sleep through the night.

“What is your secret for the sleep schedule?!” one fan asked.

“Mae just eats really well during the day I think? She dropped it on her own,” Napier replied.

“9pm-730am?! That’s the dream!!” another fan wrote, to which Napier answered, “I’m shocked, honestly. Helen was sleeping great by 6 weeks, but not like this.”

Mae might have an enviable sleep schedule for a 2-month-old, but that doesn’t mean her parents aren’t still exhausted from time to time — as Napier demonstrated in this funny, recent photo of her husband catching a few z's.

“sleep when the baby sleeps,” she captioned the picture of her husband snoozing on the sofa.

In June, Napier opened up about formula feeding instead of breastfeeding both her daughters.

“Just a little encouragement for you mamas who weren’t able to breastfeed, like me,” she wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of Mae drinking from a bottle. “Don’t let anyone make you feel less than or belittled because of it.

"Helen was a formula baby and has no allergies, has always been a healthy weight, no big sicknesses, slept through the night by 6 weeks, smart as a whip, and is just as in love with and attached to her mama as her breastfed friends are to theirs. Formula is our friend at this house! Just watch as these little matchstick legs get chunky and strong.”