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Ben and Erin Napier's new daughter's name was revealed on 'This Is Us' — here's how

The couple is friends with Chris Sullivan, who stars on the NBC hit show.
/ Source: TODAY

It helps to have friends in high places — or more specifically, it helps to have a friend starring in an Emmy-winning TV series if you're looking for cool mementos for your kids.

HGTV's "Home Town" stars Ben and Erin Napier, who welcomed their second child, Mae, on Friday, will have an extra special moment to share with their new daughter once she's old enough to watch "This Is Us," thanks to their friend, actor Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby on the hit NBC drama. (Also, can we just say Mae born in May? How adorable!)

Erin Napier explained all, or nearly all, with an Instagram post on Monday, which featured an image of an episode of "This Is Us" from earlier this season. It was a close-up of Toby holding a list of possible baby names for his new daughter with Kate, played by Chrissy Metz.

"An Easter egg from our friend @sullivangrams: earlier this year on @nbcthisisus, Kate and Toby were at the hospital awaiting their baby," Erin explained in the caption. "Our friend Chris, who plays Toby, was writing down ideas for the baby’s middle name and he snuck Mae (and her middle name!) in there to see if we would spot it when we watched the episode."

In the comments of Erin's Instagram photo, a fan asked if they'd caught the scene when the show originally aired. "Haha no!" Erin wrote back. "We didn't catch it until he texted, 'Did you see Mae?'"

TODAY reached out to the Napiers to find out Mae's middle name but no answer yet. Still, there are a few solid possibilities on Toby's list. To start, we can probably eliminate "Fogelman," as it's the last name of "This Is Us" creator Dan, and "Olin," the last name of one of show producer Ken. "Elizabeth" seems to be the strongest contender for Mae Napier's middle name — it's on there twice!

And for what it's worth, Toby and Kate didn't even pick a name that we saw on that list. Their daughter was named Hailey Rose.

Chrissy Metz as Kate, Chris Sullivan as Toby
Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) bring their own little bundle of joy home on "This Is Us."Ron Batzdorff / NBC

The HGTV stars, who are also parents to daughter Helen, 3, revealed on Sunday that they'd welcomed their second child. On Sunday, the new mom of two announced the news with an Instagram post featuring a few Polaroids capturing Mae's first days.

On Monday, the new father of two shared a sweet photo of Helen holding her face close to Mae's.

"This is a very memorable Memorial Day weekend for me and my girls," he wrote.