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Dollar Shave Club salutes the 'dad bod' with fun, new ad

Father's Day is on the horizon, so the grooming products company is here to celebrate the dads who are feeling the skin they're in.
/ Source: TODAY

The “dad bod” is back.

Dollar Shave Club, a grooming products company, has released an ad that salutes the slightly rotund body shape associated with middle-aged fathers everywhere.

The clip, which came out in advance of Father’s Day, opens up with a text card defining the made-up word “manifique”: “(Adjective) Used to define the magnificence of otherwise overlooked male body types, often the bodies of Dads.”

A man sporting nothing but a towel around his waist then stands on a platform, dancing slowly to a song that pays homage to the "dad bod" before he's joined by a motley crew of other fathers in various stages of undress. Then, they bust out into a choreographed dance routine.

"Whatever your bod, welcome to the club," reads a message at the ad's end.

In regards to the cheeky video, Dollar Shave Club told NBC News that they are all about body positivity and making men look, feel and smell their best.

The 10 men in the clip represent a cross section of ethnicities and heights, although they appear to have one trait in common: They’ve got a little paunch and are proud of it.

"Dad bod" entered the lexicon a few years ago as a phrase recognizing the body type of man who's in that midway point between in and out of shape, often identified by a bit of a gut.

The term has even been recognized by, which defines it as “a man’s physique that is slightly overweight or flabby but still attractive.”