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Chip Gaines ran a half-marathon with baby Crew right by his side

The youngest member of the Gaines family took on the second annual Silo District race alongside his father, and looked adorable!
Chip Gaines runs half-marathon with baby Crew by his side
Chip Gaines runs half-marathon with baby Crew by his sidejoannagaines/Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Chip Gaines returned to the site where he ran his first marathon last year, this time running half the distance but having twice the fun.

That's because, for the 2019 Silo District Marathon, Chip had some special company along the way: his 10-month-old son, Crew.

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That's right! Little Crew may not be able to walk yet, but he can already brag about his first half-marathon.

Mom Joanna Gaines shared sweet shots from Sunday's event on Instagram, including two pics featuring the member of the family who wasn't even around for last year's event.

Chip Gaines runs half-marathon with baby Crew by his side
Chip Gaines ran with baby Crew — and another member of their clan. joannagaines/Instagram

In one photo, Chip beams at his little boy as he holds Crew — who had his very own race bib — in his arms before embarking on the 13.1-mile run. In another pic, Dad can be seen running, while Crew takes it easy and appreciates the view from his stroller.

A close inspection of that last pic reveals another member of the family who tagged along for race day. For the second year in a row, Chip and Joanna's 12-year-old daughter, Ella, took part.

And they all ran for a good cause.

The former "Fixer Upper" stars host the annual Silo District Marathon weekend, which draws thousands of runners from all over the world, to raise money for the Brave Like Gabe Foundation to fund research on rare cancers and benefit patients at the Baylor Scott & White McClinton Cancer Center in Waco.

"We are so thankful for and blown away by each and every runner who participated in this year's #silodistrictmarathon," Joanna wrote in the caption that accompanied the pics she shared. "Watching the grit, the fight, and the spirit of these runners left me speechless. So many of you would tell me who you were running in honor of and I was literally teary eyed the entire time. Thanks for running with us this year- you helped raise $300k for cancer research and the @bravelikegabe foundation. Also so proud of @chipgaines and Ella (and baby Crew) for running the half marathon today and killing it! ... We hope to see you next year."

But the big run wasn't the only thing Chip and Joanna devoted their attention to over the weekend.

On Saturday, Chip shared a photo of him and his wife standing alongside Jennifer Lopez and her fiance, Alex Rodriguez.

"What is going on!??" he wrote alongside it. "This is like a Twilight zone of hot people. Then there's me, looking as usual.. disheveled."

All jokes aside, there's a pretty good guess to be had about what's going on. As J.Lo revealed back in February, A-Rod bought her a house in need of fixing up for their second anniversary, and as a big fan of the Magnolia duo, she's enlisted Chip and Joanna to help her.

We can't wait to see how it turns out!