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Nicole Richie says parenting teenagers is 'wild and just the best'

“This is also my favorite stage,” said Richie.

Just a week after making a rare appearance on the red carpet with her kids, Harlow and Sparrow, Nicole Richie sat down with TODAY host Hoda Kotb and chatted about parenting teenagers.

"It’s very wild but this is also my favorite stage," said Richie. "I just so clearly remember being 16 that it’s actually surprising how quickly I can go back there."

Richie said that she can even remember the first and last names of mean girls from her own teen years, which helps her forge a connection with her daughter.

"It’s fun. It’s wild and just the best," she said.

On April 2, Richie posed for photos at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film, “Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead” with her family: husband Joel Madden, their kids, mom Brenda Harvey-Richie and dad Lionel Richie with his girlfriend, Lisa Parigi.

Lionel Richie, Lisa Parigi, Harlow Madden, Sparrow Madden, Nicole Richie, Brenda Harvey-Richie, and Joel Madden
Raising teens is "wild" says Nicole Richie.Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

In the film, which is a remake of the 1991 film of the same name, Richie plays executive Rose Lindsey, a role previously played Joanna Cassidy. 

How did the kids like the movie?

Well, Richie said, "They are teens, so they're pretty chill about it. But they were happy to be there and they did tell me that I did a good job. I was like, 'I will take that. Thank you so much.'"

Read on to learn more about Richie and Madden's kids.

Harlow Madden, 16

In January 2008, Richie and Madden welcomed their daughter, Harlow Madden, into the world.

When Harlow was about to turn 3, Richie appeared on "Ellen" and talked about her daughter's personality.

“Harlow looks exactly like me, but she has Joel’s personality," Richie said. "She’s very careful and very delicate and she thinks everything through before she does it."

But just like her mom, Harlow also has a knack for fashion.

"My daughter loves fashion, but she has her own style. It doesn’t have anything to do with me. She takes my clothes all the time. I have just started writing an 'N' with a Sharpie on all of my stuff so that [she knows it’s mine]," Richie told Entertainment Tonight in an August 2021 interview.

“She’s wearing my current clothes now, she’s just like, ‘What do you have? That’s what I want. I’m taking it,’” she continued. “And then I got to go in her closet, steal it back.”

For Harlow's 13th birthday, Richie shared a throwback photo of her daughter as a baby on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote she's "so lucky” to be Harlow's mom.

“Here you are at 3 months old. Today you are 13. ♥️ You light up my life with your presence, & have no problem lighting up my bedroom with your bright phone screen," Richie wrote. "Nothing is better than watching you become the young woman you are."

“Happy Birthday to my favorite girl in the world 💫✨💫Now lets go binge watch season 3 of Greys,” she added.

Sparrow Madden, 14

In September 2009, Richie and Madden welcomed their son, Sparrow Madden.

When Sparrow was 1, Richie told Ellen DeGeneres that she noticed a lot of similarities between herself and her son.

"Sparrow, he looks just like Joel, but his personality is like me," she said. "He's just wild and crazy and you always have to watch (him.) He always has bruises on him, like you can't take your eyes off him for a second."

For Sparrow's 11th birthday, his dad shared a rare throwback pic of them together. In the snap, Madden was seen posing alongside his son as Sparrow sat on his shoulders.

“Happy 11th Birthday to my baby boy! I love you Sparrow ❤️here’s to many more years of being best friends and me embarrassing you😎," Madden captioned the snap.

Madden's twin brother, Benji Madden, commented, “My boyz! HBD Sparrow — I got lucky being your uncle you’re the best dude.”

Another uncle, Josh Madden, wrote, “Sparrow our superstar.”

Zoe Saldana added, “Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!! We love you."