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Daryl Sabara says raising son Riley with Meghan Trainor lets him be the dad he 'always wanted'

The "Spy Kids" star and his wife are expecting their second child in a few weeks.
/ Source: TODAY

Parenthood is always a special experience, but Daryl Sabara says it's particularly meaningful for him since he grew up without a father.

In a few weeks, the "Spy Kids" star and his wife, Meghan Trainor, will welcome their second child, and Sabara told People that he couldn't be more psyched about the baby's impending arrival.

“I’m feeling so excited,” he said. “It’s coming up pretty soon. We’re in our nesting stage right now and it’s just kind of crazy to think this is the last time that it’ll just be me, Meghan, and Riley, now that there’s only a couple more weeks before there’s somebody new here.”

The couple welcomed their son Riley in 2021, and Sabara said his parenthood journey has been "cathartic."

“I’ll say that it’s pretty amazing because I didn’t have a dad growing up. My dad left my family when I was 1. So becoming a dad has kind of given me this existential experience of getting (to) become the dad that I always wanted,” he said.

Sabara said he has "no complaints so far" about fatherhood.

“Even all the poopy diapers and Riley’s such a happy guy that all of it is pretty awesome. And he is my best friend, so I’m excited for a new best friend in a couple of weeks,” he said.

Now that he has a few years of parenting experience under his belt, Sabara said he feels more prepared to meet his second child.

“The first pregnancy there is just so much unknown. And now for me, after becoming a dad, I’m like, ‘What did I do before?’ This is my life. This is the best,” he said.

Like many parents, the star said he finds "purpose" taking care of Riley and "having that family time."

"Now I just can see that life is just going to get better and better with baby No. 2,” he said.

Welcoming a second child can shake up the family dynamics for a young child, but Sabara said Riley is thrilled to “have a permanent friend.”

“He definitely loves pointing to Meghan’s stomach and saying ‘baby’ and kissing her belly. So it’s definitely a lot cuter than we ever thought,” he said.

While pregnant with Riley, Trainor experienced gestational diabetes, but Sabara said she didn't have the same condition this time.

“She is a trooper,” he said. “The amount of things that she does pregnant, and just in general, I mean she’s a superwoman. I just am in awe of her.”

As he prepares to celebrate Father's Day, Sabara said he doesn't have any big plans and prefers a "chill" day.

“I’m still pretty new to the Father’s Day game, so I would just say an ideal day is having the whole family around and they’re pretty much around every day anyway,” he said.