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Popular one-syllable girl names for 2022

One-syllable girl names like Tate, Gray, and True are on the rise.
Sometimes parents opt for short, one-syllable names to balance out a longer last name.
Sometimes parents opt for short, one-syllable names to balance out a longer last name.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Feeling a little bit like the same one-syllable girl names are on repeat? Nameberry co-founder Pamela Redmond told TODAY Parents there might be a reason (or two) for an uptick in names like Maeve, Wren, and Grace.

One-syllable girl names

There are many reasons parents may focus on the number of syllables in a name.

"Parents might want a short name to balance out a longer last name (or) they may want a name that’s simple for a child to say and spell," she said. "Or they might be attracted to short, one-syllable names as an antidote to all longer, elaborate names like Olivia and Isabella that have been fashionable for girls in recent years."

Some parents choose one-syllable names, because they want a full name that has a certain rhythm.

“There’s a poetic sensibility that six syllables are pleasing in a name, and each name should be a different number of syllables from the other,” Redmond explained. “So one-three-two or one-two-three syllables are better than two-two-two.”

The most popular one-syllable girl names include:

Maeve - Irish name meaning "she who intoxicates"

Wren - English name meaning "small bird"

Grace - English virtue name, representing an admirable quality

Sage - Herb and Latin name meaning "wise"

Claire - French name meaning "bright, clear"

Eve - Hebrew name meaning "life"

Pearl - Latin gem name

Redmond told TODAY that despite parents leaning toward shorter names, they still crave a unique element.

"Even with short simple one syllable names, parents want something out of the ordinary," she said. "So they’re looking beyond classic choices like Anne and Jane to nature names such as Bay, Fox, Dove, or Snow, or new word names such as True, West, and Zen."

Khloe Kardashian is mom to daughter True, 3, and Nick Cannon chose Zen for his late son, born in 2021.

"One syllable names sound sleek and modern and that’s part of their appeal," Redmond said.

100 popular one syllable girl names to consider:

  1. Maeve
  2. Wren
  3. Grace
  4. Mae
  5. Sage
  6. Sloane
  7. Quinn
  8. Eve
  9. Pearl
  10. Ruth
  11. June
  12. Rue
  13. Jade
  14. Blythe
  15. Blair
  16. Rae
  17. Paige
  18. Elle
  19. Brooke
  20. Fleur
  21. Hope
  22. Lux
  23. Bea
  24. Blake
  25. Kate
  26. Faith
  27. Liv
  28. Reese
  29. Gwen
  30. Blue
  31. Skye
  32. Kit
  33. Joy
  34. Lark
  35. Anne
  36. Reign
  37. Tess
  38. Kai
  39. Maude
  40. Bee
  41. Fern
  42. Dove
  43. Lou
  44. Snow
  45. Love
  46. Bree
  47. Bryn
  48. Joan
  49. Jude
  50. Greer
  51. Fay
  52. Jinx
  53. Lake
  54. Storm
  55. Luz
  56. Jules
  57. Jewel
  58. Lane
  59. Wynn
  60. Noor
  61. Bay
  62. Lynn
  63. Claire
  64. Gail
  65. Ash
  66. Bloom
  67. Tate
  68. Joyce
  69. True
  70. Dot
  71. Gray
  72. Vale
  73. Kay
  74. Bliss
  75. Shae
  76. Prue
  77. Jo
  78. Clove
  79. Dune
  80. Blaise
  81. Kim
  82. Cate
  83. Spring
  84. Sue
  85. Zen
  86. Dale
  87. Jeanne
  88. Pax
  89. Bess
  90. Cat
  91. Beck
  92. Ayn
  93. North
  94. Blaine
  95. Swan
  96. Bell
  97. Reeve
  98. Britt
  99. Poe
  100. Tai