Gulp! Madonna’s $10,000 water habit

Sure, Madonna has a sizeable bank account, but spending $10,000 per month on water seems outrageous.

In Touch Weekly reports that the Material Girl recently confided to a pal that she picked up the pricey habit of drinking only specially blessed Kabbalah water, which costs about $5 per bottle.

Madonna reportedly ships cartons of it to wherever she is staying, which also contributes to the expense. “Madonna drinks a lot of water — that’s one of her fitness secrets,” her pal told the mag. “And this is the only stuff she will touch.”

Is it miracle water? Madonna turns 50 in August but still looks fantastic and is rarely without a bottle of Kabbalah water.

PETA cuts Britney a break One organization giving Britney Spears a break? PETA. Apparently the pop star was an early front-runner for the anti-fur organization’s worst-dressed list, but they’ve removed her from the lineup.

“People with l’il kids shouldn’t dress like L’il Kim. But at this point, Britney needs a break from everybody. Maybe when her head is clear, she’ll have a change of heart about wearing fur,” PETA’s U.S. Senior Vice President Dan Mathews said in a note sent to us.

Other infamous contenders for the title are Lindsay Lohan, Kid Rock, Eva Longoria and the Olsen Twins, with Kate Moss in the lead.

Thong and heels OK with Tyson Beckford
When starting out as a model, “Make Me a Supermodel” co-host Tyson Beckford was willing to wear almost anything, even “if you gave me a thong and said, ‘Look you’ve got to wear these heels and this thong down 42nd street,’” he said.

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This willingness to go the distance is in stark contrast to the models he sees today on his show. “Nowadays they’re like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to wear this,’” said Beckford.

Despite the clothing selections, Beckford’s co-host Niki Taylor spells out the job’s obvious advantages: “You get paid very well for it. And you get to work with amazing artists and, I mean, it’s the best job ever.”

Larry Birkhead’s money woes continue
As we near the first anniversary of Anna Nicole Smith’s death, money woes for her baby daddy Larry Birkhead show no signs of abating.

Birkhead had hoped that his former attorney Deb Opri would accept a $300,000 settlement and end the dispute of the $1 million-plus legal bill Birkhead was saddled with. Opri turned down the offer and now the two will have to appear in court Feb. 4.

Birkhead, who didn’t respond to request for comment, claims that Opri inflated her fees and charged him for dry cleaning, meals he was not a party to and at least one trip to the Bahamas. Sounds like it’s time to sell more pics of Danielynn.

Additional reporting by Elise Byrnes.