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'Unique' home for sale features 26 permanent swivel chairs

If you’ve ever walked into a fast-food restaurant and felt inspired by its seating arrangements, perhaps this house is for you.
Courtesy of Valery Blank of RE/MAX Integrity
/ Source: TODAY

A massive 14,699-square-foot property in the Houston area is going viral on Twitter for its unusual kitchen layout that happens to include some swivel chairs — 26 of them, in fact.

Kate Wagner, who runs the blog, received a Zillow listing photo of the kitchen from one of the participants of her monthly livestream.

“The image is funny simply because it is strange to see such chairs in the context of a residential house in the first place,” she told TODAY Home. “But the sheer number of the chairs pushes the image from the realm of weird but not that interesting to surreally funny.”

Wagner posted the picture on her Twitter account on Thursday night, and it has since gotten more than 30,000 reactions, including many comments from followers who were just as confused.

“Did… did a Roomba design this?” one commenter wrote.

“I want to know what kind of family/household dynamic requires this number and configuration of chairs,” another wrote.

Valery Blank of Re/Max Integrity is the listing agent for the property and admitted it’s a very unique house. She told TODAY Home that the owners built the property in 1992 and installed so many chairs because they had a large family that included eight kids.

Chairs house
Just some of the chairs you'll find in the kitchen of this Texas McMansionCourtesy Valery Blank of RE/MAX Integrity

“All of the kids had friends stay over — it would be 16 with friends, and then you would have parents,” she said of the need for extra seating. “Everyone wanted to hang in the kitchen.”

Chairs house
It really is like having your own restaurant in your house.Courtesy Valery Blank of RE/MAX Integrity

As for the design of the chairs, she said the wood chairs swivel all the way around and they're very comfortable.

“The reason they're built-in is they're easier to clean underneath,” she said.

Of course, the kitchen isn’t the only highlight of the home. It’s also got a separate one-bedroom apartment on the grounds, a recording studio in the master suite and an indoor gymnasium with a half-court for basketball and volleyball.

Chairs house
It's even got its own gymnasium.Courtesy Valery Blank of RE/MAX Integrity

Clearly, it’s made to house a lot of people.

“If I had a bigger family, I'd buy it,” Blank said.

See more pictures of the home — which is on the market for $995,000 — at the listing.