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This kitchen is unrecognizable after a makeover — for only $95!

It's completely transformed!
/ Source: TODAY

Let’s face it: Kitchen renovations can cost a fortune. But sometimes, if you get creative, you can give your kitchen an update without breaking your budget.

All you need is paint. And this kitchen makeover is proof that it can go a long way.

Jeanette Lockmiller-Stretch, who runs the DIY and home-decorating blog Snazzy Little Things, totally transformed her dated kitchen into a fresh, modern space. And the best part? It only cost $95!

Kitchen makeover with paint
Before: The kitchen had cherry wood cabinets that clashed with the rest of the home's color palette.Jeanette Lockmiller-Stretch/ Snazzy Little Things

“We purchased this house a year ago,” she told TODAY Home. “At the time we placed our offer, my husband and I agreed that several cosmetic changes were needed to modernize the house. The first order of business was to apply a fresh coat of paint on every wall, in every room.”

The cherry wood cabinets didn’t vibe well with her overall color palette for the new house, so she looked for a hue that would match. “And when I saw that gray cabinets were on-trend, I went for it,” she said. “After all, it’s just paint.”

In her previous house, Lockmiller-Stretch had painted the kitchen cabinets, so she was comfortable doing it again. “Our realtor said it not only modernized our space, but it also increased the resale value of our home,” she said.

After: With a little paint and some new accessories, it looks like a completely different kitchen!Jeanette Lockmiller-Stretch/ Snazzy Little Things

One of the things Lockmiller-Stretch learned the hard way from both experiences is that you absolutely cannot skip the prep.

“I recommend a thorough cleaning, followed by a light sanding with 220-grit sandpaper. Once clean, apply a stain-blocking primer,” she said.

After it dried completely, she applied two coats of the gray, water-based enamel.

“I love enamel because it dries very hard allowing you to skip a topcoat. I prefer to use an angled craft brush occasionally dipped in water,” she said. “Dipping your brush in water keeps a wet edge and leaves no brush strokes.”

Another view of the painted kitchenJeanette Lockmiller-Stretch/ Snazzy Little Things

The project was completed last December, and Lockmiller-Stretch said the cabinets have held up well since. “There hasn’t been a single scratch.”

“The new look completely transformed our first floor,” she added. “And now we know that a kitchen cabinet paint project does in fact add value to your home. It’s a beautiful, yet economical option for kitchens that have ‘good bones’ and don’t require a major remodel.”

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