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The exercise plan that will help you 'Trim Before the Turkey'

Put down that pumpkin spice latte and grab your workout gear. Fall is a great time to shape up before the holidays.
/ Source: TODAY

Put down that pumpkin spice latte and grab your workout gear. Fall is a great time to shape up before the holidays.

If you’re like most people, you always gain a few pounds between Thanksgiving and the New Year, so TODAY wants to help you be proactive and get trim before the turkey so you can enjoy the pumpkin pie guilt-free this year!

Part of that is an intense exercise plan with personal trainer Will Weber. Here’s the Day 1 workout — he’ll have three days in all, so keep watching TODAY for the next installment. Weber wants you to do these exercises 16-20 times in order, then repeat the whole routine three times. It’s a lot, but it works! And you only have to work out three days of the week.

Day 1


• Squats (assisted/resisted)

Assisted Squat
Will Weber

Standing with your feet hip-width apart, sit back as low as possible. For the “assisted” version, use a structure or band to help with going down and up. For the “resisted” version, add a weight in your hands to challenge the legs more.

Weighted leg extensions

Leg Extension
Will Weber

Sitting in a chair, pinch a weight between your feet and extend your legs straight out in front of you.

Straight leg dead lift

Stiff Leg Dead Lift
Will Weber

With your legs hip-width apart, bend only at the hips by shifting your butt back. While keeping your legs and back straight, pick up a weight then straighten back up by squeezing your glutes.

Slider squats

Slider Squat
Will Weber

From a standing position, with one food on a slider plate, slide out into a sumo-like stance, then drag your feet together without lifting your feet off the ground.

Upper Body

Counter push-up

Counter Push Up
Will Weber

With your hands placed at the edge of a counter about shoulder-width apart, lower yourself to the counter then press back up.

Cable or band row

Band Row
Will Weber

Attach a band to a rigid body like a pole, then grab the band from the other end and pull it into your body. Keep your feet set in a staggered stance.

Band tri-extension

Band Tri Extension
Will Weber

Grip each side of the band and set it behind your head. Starting with both hands at 90 degrees, punch the hands outward.

Hammer curls

Hammer Curl
Will Weber

Using a small weight, keep your hands in a neutral position and bring them to your shoulders and back down.


Leg tuck kick-out

Leg Tuck Kick Out
Will Weber

Lying on a mat, start with your legs straight out, then tuck them to the chest and kick straight up. Lower your legs to the starting position.

Lying heel touches

Lying Heel Touches
Will Weber

Lying on a mat and placing your heels close to your butt, tilt your body side to side while tapping your heels with your hands.

Lying windshield wipers

Lying Windshield
Will Weber

Lying on a mat with your knees tucked in, rotate your knees from one side to the other without removing your shoulders from the mat.

Day 2


• Dead lift

Dead Lift
Will Weber

Start with your feet hip-width apart. Bend at the knees and sit back. Grab the weight from the floor and stand up, extending the hips and knees at the same time.

• Walking lunges

Walking Lunge
Will Weber

Step out into a deep lunge while placing most of your weight in your front heel. Stand up on the front leg and step forward with your back leg into the next lunge.

• Butt kickers

Butt Kickers
Will Weber

Stand upright and bring your heel as close as you can to your butt and hold for three seconds. Alternate legs.

• Lateral band walks

Lat Band Walk
Will Weber

Attach a green or yellow resistance band around your ankles. Step out to the left with your heel. Bring your feet back together while keeping tension in the band.

Upper Body

• Chair pike press

Pike Push Up
Will Weber

Using a stable chair, place your hands on arm rests. Bending at the hips, walk your hands in until you are about 90 degrees from legs to upper body. Bending at the elbows, lower your head between the arm rests, then push yourself back up.

• Mini assisted pull-up

Mini Pull Up
Will Weber

Set a chair under a pull-up bar. Use your legs as necessary to raise your chin to the bar.

• Bench dips

Bench Dips
Will Weber

Sit at the edge of a bench or chair with your hands around the edge. Set your feet at 90 degrees to the ground and use them as support as you lower your body from the bench. Using your arms, press your body back up to above bench height.

• Supinated curls

Supinated Curl
Will Weber

Using light weights, hands start neutral then as you raise them to your shoulders, rotate them until your palms are facing you.


• Leg raises

Leg Raises
Will Weber

Laying on your back and keeping your legs straight, raise your legs to a straight up position from the ground.

• Superman pulses

Superman Pulses
Will Weber

Laying on your stomach raise both of your arms and legs off the ground and hold for one second before repeating.

• Modified oblique V-up

Oblique V
Will Weber

Laying on your side, set the elbow closest to the ground to prop up your upper body. Keeping your legs together, raise both of your legs off the ground to touch your fingers of the upper (free) hand.

• Mason twists

Mason Twists
Will Weber

In a seated position, clasp your hands together and rotate your shoulders. Your hands should touch your hip, then repeat on the other side.

Day 3


• Weighted stair march

Stair March
Will Weber

Holding weights in each hand, march up and down two flights of stairs.

• Step back lunge

Reverse Step Back
Reverse Step BackWill Weber

Holding weights in each hand, step back into a lunge, keeping your weight in your heel.

• Feet elevated bridge

Feet Elevated Hip Bridge
Will Weber

Place feet on a bench or chair, keeping your butt close to the bench. Raise your hips into the air and straighten your body squeezing your glutes.

• Lying leg raise

Lying Leg Raise
Will Weber

Lying on your side, lift your upper leg while keeping your foot as level with the ground as possible.

Upper body

• Reverse grip counter push-up

Rev Grip Push Up
Will Weber

Place your hands at the edge of a counter, about shoulder-width apart, rotated so that your fingers are pointing down or behind you. Lower yourself to the counter, then press back up.

• Dumbbell pull-over

Dumbbell Pullover
Will Weber

Taking a single weight in both hands, raise over your head with straight arms, then lower back down to hip level.

• Triceps kickback

Tricep Kickback
Will Weber

Setting 1 knee and 1 hand on the bench, raise the free elbow until it is line up with your body. Stretch the free arm back while holding a light weight.

• Drag curls

Drag Curls
Will Weber

Holding weights, raise your hands to your shoulders while keeping your elbows behind your body.


• Plank hold (30 seconds)

Will Weber

On the ground or on a bench, flatten your body out to be level from heel to head. Hold the position.

• Briefcase carry (30 seconds per side)

briefcase carry
Will Weber

Holding a substantial weight at your side in one hand, maintain an upright posture, without tilting to the weighted side.

• Band Palov holds

Palov hold
Will Weber

Attaching a resistance band to a rigid fixture about shoulder height, you will hold the band out in front of you while facing a perpendicular direction (right or left) to where the band is fixed.