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This gym photo of Hilary Duff is going viral and everyone wants her workout routine

As one fan put it, more like Hilary Buff.
/ Source: TODAY

Hilary Duff is known for being one of the most relatable former child stars out there, sharing honest truths about parenting and getting real about her approach to fitness.

The 36-year-old mom of three has given her fans plenty of reasons to love her over the years, and she just added another to the list. A photo of the "How I Met Your Father" actor is going viral because of how muscular and in shape she looks — no, seriously.

The picture itself is from 2021, but social media users still couldn't help but express their adoration.

EXCLUSIVE: Hilary Duff Gets in an Intense Workout Session at a Gym in Los Angeles.
Hilary Duff gets in an intense workout session at a gym in Los Angeles in 2021.

"Nah thats Hilary Buff," one meme account wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"Lizzi maguire (sic) grew up to become G.I Jane?" commented another.

The TikToks espousing their love for the millennial icon rolled in, too.

"I'm Hilary Duff's biggest fan by far," said TikTok user Mark-Anthony. "Don't try to hop on the Hilary Duff bandwagon right now," he added, referencing the new pic.

"Miss ma'am, whose Lizzie McGuire is this?" joked user LilSazonPackett.

How Hilary Duff hits the gym

Luckily, Duff has recently shared some fitness advice that's specially tailored for the holiday season.

Her first tip is working out in the morning, she tells Women's Health, because during the holidays, “you feel like you spend all day eating and drinking, (so) it’s nice to get it out of the way and just know you did it." She tries to go to gyms that are open and have classes on the mornings of holidays.

The workout classes she does most often, she tells the outlet, are Tracy Anderson and Silver Springs, a heated studio in Los Angeles with yoga, pilates and HIIT.

She also shared that she and husband Matthew Koma do something athletic together every Sunday, which she calls "really nice."

"About two years ago, I told him, ‘Here’s the deal: We need a sport so we still like each other when the kids leave the house,’” she told Women's Health. “So now, we ski, which is obviously seasonal. And we play tennis together, which is really fun."

And as anyone who's seen the viral picture of her can tell, the star also is a big fan of lifting weights.

"Lifting weights, as a woman, is really important," she said. "It’s important for your bones. It’s important for us constantly being on our cell phones and our posture. ... I’m not talking like crazy heavy weights. You know, I’m not a bodybuilder. But it is nice to lift weights."

Duff has previously shared about her journey to loving her body and having three kids — son Luca, 11, and daughters Banks, 5, and Mae, 2 — has been a big part of that.

"I’m proud of my body. I’m proud that it’s produced three children for me. I’ve gotten to a place of being peaceful with the changes my body has gone through,” she told Women's Health back in 2022.