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Your weekend deserves this brisket sandwich with homemade barbecue sauce and slaw

Matt Abdoo cooks up barbecue to support his late brother-in-law and business partner, Jeff Michner's family.
/ Source: TODAY

Matt Abdoo, chef and owner of Pig Beach restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, is stopping by the plaza to cook up a succulent brisket sandwich, crunchy slaw and his championship barbecue sauce for a good cause.

He's barbecuing in honor of his late brother-in-law and business partner, Jeff Michner, and to help raise awareness for his upcoming fundraiser. The benefit will help support Jeff's family and raise money for organizations that help families manage grief after the loss of loved ones and support scholarships for children who have lost a parent.

I love this recipe because the moist, succulent rich brisket pairs incredibly well with the crisp and acidic bite of the pickles, the crunch of the onions, tangy barbecue sauce and the potato bun is the perfect soft, chewy vessel.

This sauce has a unique balance of savory and sweet, with a slight heat on the back end. It is perfect for slathering over pork ribs, smoky brisket or grilled veggies.

This simple slaw ups the ante in every way. The purple cabbage adds a pop of color, juicy pineapple give it a hint of sweetness and spicy jalapeños bring the heat.

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