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Matt Abdoo

Latest from Matt Abdoo

27d ago

Kick off football season with cheesesteak spring rolls and creamy chicken pasta

Celebrate the start of football season with recipes inspired by the Buffalo Bills and LA Rams.
51d ago

Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich

The rich beef, spicy giardiniera and sweet peppers in this tasty sandwich make for an unforgettable eating experience.
161d ago

Kick off grilling season with hot honey baby back ribs and Mexican street corn

Celebrate the start of grilling season with sweet and spicy ribs and Mexican street corn.
257d ago

Brisket Beef Stew

Rich red wine and tomato broth surrounds tender meat and veggies and a hearty helping of potatoes in this beefy stew.
315d ago

Roasted Chicken with Standard Brine

You just can't beat a beautifully roasted chicken.
362d ago

Spice up 'Sunday Night Football' with Buffalo chicken dip and Kansas City-style ribs

Celebrate game day with Kansas City- and Buffalo-inspired eats.
362d ago

Kansas City Cheesy Corn

Sweet corn, creamy cheeses and salty bacon make this the perfect side for any smoky barbecued protein.
362d ago

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Transform classic Buffalo wings with blue cheese into a party-perfect dip.
362d ago

Kansas City-Style Oven-Glazed Ribs

Celebrate game day with real-deal Kansas City-style ribs at home.
362d ago

Buffalo Chicken and Cheese Bread

Make a Buffalo chicken- and cheese-filled stromboli for game day.