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Donna Kelce shares Super Bowl entertaining tips — including her baked brie recipe

Donna Kelce is gearing up for the big game — and offering advice to those preparing to host their first Super Bowl party.
Donna Kelce
Donna Kelce partners with Barefoot Wine to offer up her best food and wine pairings for the Super Bowl.Courtesy Barefoot Wine

The NFL’s most buzzy mama is toasting to the Super Bowl.

On Feb. 5, Barefoot, the official wine sponsor of the NFL and Super Bowl 58, announced its latest collaboration with Donna Kelce. The mom of two football stars has recently welcomed loads of new fans to the sport — thanks to one megawatt relationship — so ahead of the big game, she’s offering up food and wine pairings to help people throw their first Super Bowl party.

“I can tell you this: my favorite Super Bowl dish is just an old-fashioned hot dog. You pair it with pinot grigio and it’s just a simple classic,” Kelce tells, calling attention to her full pairings playbook, available on Barefoot’s Instagram.

Kelce worked with Barefoot last year, when contest winners joined her in a suite — dubbed the “Barefoot Bandwagon Box” — at the Philadelphia vs. Kansas City game on Nov. 20. Now, she’s preparing to raise a glass to son Travis’ second Super Bowl in a row — this time, in Las Vegas.

“I’m just gonna go and have a fun time,” says Kelce, who also explained how Super Bowl tickets for kids, like her grandchildren, work. “Last year was a big media event because both of them were playing. This year, it’s just one of them playing, but amazing that he got to another one, especially with as much adversity as they had this year. I’m just going to enjoy it.”

Kelce has now attended multiple Chiefs games with her son’s superstar girlfriend Taylor Swift and recently updated her cover photo on Facebook to include the pop star. Because Swifties are showing up in droves to enjoy the same sport as their idol, it makes sense that Barefoot tapped Kelce to help new fans to football plan the perfect Super Bowl party.

“You know, Travis’ favorite dish is chicken wings … add some Kansas City barbecue sauce and you can pair it with a glass of Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc,” Kelce says. “Jason Kelce’s favorite, obviously, is the Philly cheesesteak. It’s a local classic.”

Donna Kelce
Travis’ Kansas City Chicken Wings paired with Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc.Courtesy Barefoot Wine

Kelce suggests that game-day party hosts know their invitees and their tastes to figure out what to serve at their own Super Bowl party. “I think you just want to make the Super Bowl as easy as you possibly can,” she says.

While Kelce will be cheering on her child at the Super Bowl, that doesn’t mean she won’t whip something up for him in the kitchen, too. Last year, she famously baked a batch of her chocolate chip cookies for both her sons before they faced off in Super Bowl 57. But with everyone living so far apart, feeding them her home-cooked treats has become a bit more complicated.

“Because they live in different cities, I’m not usually doing the cooking anymore. I did when they were younger, but not anymore. I’m mostly on the road,” Kelce reflects, adding that when she does cook for them, she makes a mac and cheese with many different cheeses.

“I do love to bake, and I bake a lot,” Kelce continues. “I bake cookies, blueberry muffins, whatever is easy to travel (with). I also have my cookies that I take, baked brie, things like that.”

Donna Kelce's Baked Brie

Kelce explains that she makes a savory baked brie (with ham) and a sweet version (with cherry preserves and nuts), for which she generously shared the recipe. “Those are easy and fast,” she says.

Whether you’re cheering on your favorite team with a 14-time Grammy winner in Sin City, your parents at home or people you’ve just met at the bar, Kelce stresses the importance of community surrounding the sport.

“I think it’s really amazing to get people together that are from different backgrounds, so that you can grow as a human being,” Kelce says. “It doesn’t have anything to do with a particular team, or particular city, it just helps so much in promoting just a sense of human community.”

Donna Kelce
Donna Kelce partners with Barefoot Wine to offer up her best food and wine pairings for the Super Bowl.Courtesy Barefoot Wine

Kelce also has some encouraging words for those of us who may be a little confused about the rules of the game during the Super Bowl.

“I just hope that they understand that football is fun,” Kelce says. “Things can be complicated … and it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert, just have a good time with friends and family. It’s going to be a great night.”