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Starbucks just changed its app — here's what's new

Love crazy custom drinks? Starbucks just made it a little harder to order them from the app.
/ Source: TODAY

Know someone who has a crazy complicated Starbucks order? We thought so.

Part of what makes Starbucks so magical to its legions of devoted fans is the ability to order pretty much any combination of syrups, milks, creams, drizzles, sugar substitutes and whipped toppings to your beverage.

But that unlimited freedom has now been curtailed with a recent update to the coffee chain's mobile app.

Starbucks drinks

Starbucks recently (and quietly) just limited some modifications people can make to their drinks within the Mobile Order & Pay portion of the app.

Within the last few weeks, the company has capped the number of times a customer may add a single modification to 12 times, whereas before it was unlimited.

This means customers can no longer add, say, more than 12 pumps of a particular syrup or more than 12 shots of espresso to their drink. So if you want a 13-pump Pumpkin Spice Latte or Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew (which are already back in stores) you'll have to go a Starbucks location to make that special request in person.

If an order contains more than 12 single modifications, a message will pop that reads, "There is a limit of 12 for each add in."

Starbucks app modifier limit

Even though people can still order their hyper complex drinks in person from a Starbucks barista, many customers prefer using the app, especially for complicated orders. Also, it's less embarrassing that way, right?

A Starbucks spokesperson told TODAY that although they know their customers love to make modifications and craft their own unique drinks, the vast majority of their customers make far fewer than 12 modifications to their drinks.

But why the move to start limiting people now? The official word from the spokesperson was that it will help the chain create a better and more consistent customer experience. That's also reiterated on the Starbucks FAQ page, which says, "This change will help create a more consistent experience and allow our partners to best craft the customized beverage for our customers." Still a rep for the chain told TODAY that there are more than 170,000 ways baristas can customize beverages for Starbucks customers.

In any case, customers will still be able to concoct wacky orders that will no doubt give baristas nightmares for years to come.

Starbucks also made some major changes to its rewards program this spring that had some customers up in arms. So far, no one seems to be totally outraged by the new 12 single-modifier limit.