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Savannah Guthrie admits her Christmas cookies look like a 'crime scene'

But her kids clearly enjoyed their cookie project with mom!
/ Source: TODAY

Savannah Guthrie and her kids had some fun baking Christmas cookies together Thursday and the pictures she shared on Instagram are sweeter than sugar! While Savannah may not have thought that her traditional candy cane and snowmen sugar cookies were all that professional looking, Vale, 6, and Charley, 4, were clearly pleased with the results.

"Day long cookie project ✔️Happy kids ✔️Cookies that look like crime scene ✔️✔️✔️I have other strengths," Savannah captioned the series of photos showing the Christmas cookies and the fun baking activity. In the first pic, we see a plate of cookies lovingly decorated with red and green icing, the supposed "crime scene" that Savannah jokingly mentioned. And although they may not be Martha Stewart-level in their decoration, we think Savannah and the kids absolutely nailed it!

It looked like Savannah's kids agreed, too. Vale looked adorable with her fingers covered in red icing and giving a double thumbs up in one of the pictures.

Vale is a fan of the Christmas cookies!savannahguthrie/Instagram

And little brother Charley also approved of the festive activity.

And Charley agrees!savannahguthrie/Instagram

Fans commented on the photos, saying that what mattered most was not the end result but that Savannah was spending quality time with her little ones.

"Your kids won't remember how they looked," commented one fan. "They'll remember spending time with Mom!"

"Their smiles are perfect, that's all that matters," wrote another fan.

"They will have fond memory impressions of making them with you their whole lives!" commenter another person. "That is all that matters! Merry Christmas!"

This wasn't the first time this season that Savannah had some seasonal fun with her kids, who she shares with husband, Mike Feldman. Following the epic storm that hit the east coast last week, the family went outside to play in the snow, enjoying the winter wonderland.

"Happiness is a moonlit snowy night," Savannah captioned the photos of Vale and Charley she shared on Instagram, the kids looking adorable in their winter gear and buried up to their waists.

Want to make some sweet memories of your own? Try making Dylan Dreyer's Aunt Tillie's Christmas cookies or one of these delectable cookie recipes. You probably have all the ingredients you need in your pantry. And if the end result looks less than perfect don't worry — remember, whether it's in person or over Zoom, it's the memory-making time you spend with your loved ones that really counts.