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Travis Kelce shops at Trader Joe’s just like us. Here’s what he bought

The Kansas City Chiefs player snagged something sweet during his latest trip to Trader Joe’s.
Trader Joe's / Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce: Kansas City Chiefs tight end and Trader Joe’s shopper.Getty Images

If all you want for Christmas is seeing Travis Kelce buy ice cream at Trader Joe’s, you’re in luck.

Instagram user Alex Owens captured the relatable moment on video earlier this week and her video has quickly gone viral (like most things Kelce does these days).

In the clip, Kelce can be seen standing in line at a Kansas City Trader Joe’s. Dressed in a tie-dye sweatsuit, the 34-year-old patiently waits his turn and grabs his bag before leaving the register.

“About cried at the store today when Travis Kelce checked out in front of me!!!!!” Owens captioned one moment in the video.

Travis Kelce shops at Trader Joe’s, just like us.
Travis Kelce shops at Trader Joe’s, just like us.Courtesy Alex Owens

The Kansas City resident tells she spotted the Chiefs tight end on Monday afternoon and her initial reaction was “total shock.”

“I was on the phone with my husband when I realized what I was seeing and started to whisper and honestly tear up. He’s been my favorite football player for years! Most Chiefs fans would probably agree he’s been a local celebrity basically since he started playing here,” she says.

As it turns out, Kelce stopped by Trader Joe's to pick up some ice cream. His flavor of choice? Speculoos Cookie Butter, according to Owens, who confirmed the detail with the cashier.

Owens was pleasantly surprised to see that no one approached the football star.

“He checked out like a normal person. Everyone who realized what was happening got kind of quiet and just didn’t want to spook him I think. We all love him so much in KC. We want him to always feel welcome and not bombarded,” she says.

Kelce minding his own business in line at Trader Joe’s
Kelce minding his own business in line at Trader Joe’sCourtesy Alex Owens

However, after Kelce left, everyone was free to react.

“Once he walked out we all kind of collectively gasped in excitement! It was really cool that everyone kind of had the same reaction,” she says.

Only Kelce knows who the ice cream was for, but Owens couldn't help but wonder if he was buying it for his girlfriend Taylor Swift.

In her video, Owens gleefully reacts to seeing Kelce in the grocery store and says he’s “so tall in person.” (He is six feet, five inches tall.)

“He was really just calm and quiet and he had his cute little walk,” she says in the video.

Owens then vocalizes something we’re pretty sure a lot of Kelce’s fans can relate to.

“He’s just a person. He was acting like a person. But why when I see him do I have this like visceral reaction of like melting?” she asks her viewers.

Kelce bought Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice Cream at Trader Joe’s.
Kelce bought Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice Cream at Trader Joe’s.Courtesy Alex Owens

This was the first time Owens has seen Kelce in person and she tells that the Chiefs have helped her stay positive during a difficult time.

“It’s been a huge light in my life to watch them play this year while kicking cancer in the butt. So thanks for keeping me entertained and my spirits up, guys!” she says.

Owens, who recently shared an encouraging update about her cancer journey, is enjoying watching Kelce and Swift’s love story unfold.

“It feels so personal to a lot of us who loved them both separately before their worlds collided,” she tells

And if you're reading this, Kelce, Owens has one Christmas wish she’d love your help checking off her list.

“My make a wish is to get a hug from him which Jason (my husband) says is BS but I can wish,” she says in the video.

Kelce: The ball’s in your court (sorry — wrong sport — field).