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Kit Kat is launching its 1st permanent flavor in almost a decade

Is Kit Kat U.S. finally learning from Kit Kat Japan?
Kit Kat
/ Source: TODAY

It's been nearly 10 years (!) since a Kit Kat flavor in the U.S. stayed put on shelves year-round.

Fans of the crispy chocolate stuffed with more crispy chocolate have gotten to switch up their old faithful with limited-time flavors like strawberry. Meanwhile, Kit Kat customers in Japan (where the company is owned by Nestle rather than Hershey) get their taste buds tantalized by Matcha, Wasabi and Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kats and even got Kit Kats made from a kind of naturally pink cocoa bean. Well, now it's America's turn to try something new.

Kit Kat

Say hello to the fun flavor that's sticking around stateside — permanently: Kit Kat Duos Mint and Dark Chocolate.

"KIT KAT is known around the world for its inventive flavors,” Christopher Kinnard, the company's senior brand manager, said in a news release Wednesday. "Our fans in the U.S. have been requesting new KIT KAT flavors and we're excited to share we are adding to the KIT KAT family."

Kit Kat's Twitter team wonders if people are ready for the minty goodness.

And it seems that many are.

But some think they should stick with the original.

Others think Kit Kat U.S. should learn from its Japanese counterpart.

The new Kit Kat mashup of mint créme on the top and dark chocolate on the bottom will be available nationwide in December. However, a Hershey's spokesperson told TODAY Food that a select few folks will get to "snag an early taste," and to watch Kit Kat's social channels to find out when.

If that's not enough to get fans in a frenzy, Kinnard hinted at additional flavor possibilities rolling out in the future.

"But here’s the best part — we are just getting started. Keep your eyes peeled; there is more to come from the KIT KAT® brand," Kinnard said.

What could it be? Perhaps Peeps-stuffed Kit Kats? Mayo-flavored? Flamin' Hot Cheetos-filled? Stranger things have happened.