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The world's prettiest Kit Kat bar has finally arrived

Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut has teamed up with Nestle to create the world's first candy bar made from ruby chocolate.
/ Source: TODAY

As if Kit Kat flavors like Sake, Sweet Potato and Strawberry Cheesecake weren’t unique enough, Japan has upped the ante by debuting a millennial-pink version of the wafer-filled chocolate bar.

The limited-edition "KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby," which made its world debut Jan. 19, is the first product in the world to utilize the newly-invented ruby chocolate, the first new, natural chocolate to hit the market in 80 years.

Barry Callebaut Group/Nestle

Developed by Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut, the deep pink chocolate is made from the ruby cacao bean, which has a natural pink color. Nestle, which partnered with Barry Callebaut on the new candy, describes the taste as “a fruity flavor reminiscent of berries.”

Chef Yasumasa Takagi, owner and head chef of Le Patissier Takagi in Tokyo, Japan, is behind the delicately-colored bar.

“I have created an especially simple KitKat that allows you to enjoy the characteristic fruity fragrance and subtle acidity of ruby cacao to the fullest,” Takagi said in a news release.

Of course, this isn’t the first over-the-top Kit Kat product to make a splash. Last fall, Taco Bell released a tortilla stuffed with melted Kit Kats, and we've also seen a Halloween-themed, pumpkin pie-flavored Kit Kat and a Red Velvet Kit Kat bar for Valentine's Day.

The Sublime Ruby KitKat will be available for a limited time in KITKAT Chocolatory boutiques in both Japan and Korea, and it will also be sold in 80 pop-up throughout Japan. You can also get it online.

Kit Kat

Anna Lingeris, senior communications manager for Hershey, which distributes Kit Kats in the U.S., told TODAY Food there are currently no plans to bring the Sublime Ruby bar stateside. However, she said that Hershey continues "to explore bringing new items, like ruby, and special flavors into our iconic brand line up based on what our fans are telling us they want,” sharing that the company recently expanded the Kit Kat Dark bar due to customer requests.

So if you want the pink chocolate Kit Kat, you’d better let Hershey know!

If you simply must try the ruby-hued bar, you can actually order them from Japan beginning early February. They’ll be available in five- or seven-piece boxes, containing other Japanese Kit Kat flavors and will retail for up to $22. But if you just can't wait til next month, you may have to settle for the strawberry KitKat, which is the closest thing we have in America. Though it was a limited-edition flavor, you can still buy them online at Amazon.