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Peeps Oreos? We tried the new limited-edition flavor

Here's what the TODAY team really thinks of the new Peeps Oreos.
/ Source: TODAY

Last week we shared the super exciting news that Peeps Oreos were headed to supermarkets across the country soon. When the festive yellow and pink box of the limited-edition cookies arrived in our office this morning, we had to put them to a TODAY staff taste test.

Peeps Oreo Sandwich Cookies
Nathan Congleton / TODAY

When it comes to Oreos, the TODAY team is pretty obsessed with the classic version of America's favorite cookie. So, when the Oreo Wonder Vault comes out with a new flavor, it's pretty hard to impress us.

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We like to think of ourselves as Oreo connoisseurs since we've tested and reviewed so many of the limited-edition flavors, like Strawberry Shortcake, Pumpkin Spice and Red Velvet Oreos. Could the Peeps Oreos become a new favorite of ours? Here are the reviews from the TODAY team:

Peeps Oreo Sandwich Cookies
Nathan Congleton / TODAY

“It’s what I would imagine Easter tastes like. Where’s the love button when you need it most?!” – Brooke Sassman, Social Media Associate

"It was better than I expected, but mostly because it didn’t really seem like a Peep in the middle. I was expecting sticky marshmallow to stretch out attached to your teeth after every bite, but it seemed more like it was just pink icing. That said, I’m a purist. The original Oreo is 'America’s favorite cookie' for a reason. Why mess with success?" – Matthew Murray, Senior Editor

“I love every Oreo in the world — but this one does get REALLY sweet about four chews in. I don’t think I could eat a second one.” - Amy Eley, Managing Editor

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"Maybe my taste buds are out of order, but these didn't taste so different to me. I expected neon pink Oreos to be more Peeps-like, but these reminded me of regular Oreos." – Ian Sager, Editorial Manager, Strategic Content

"They taste like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal…so mostly just like sugar. Not terrible, but I may have liked it better with a chocolate cookie instead of a vanilla." – Checka Ciammaichelli, Video Producer

"This is kind of what I imagined Lucky Charms would taste like in cookie form." – Andrew Pinzler, Head of TODAY Innovation Labs

Peeps Oreo Sandwich Cookies
Nathan Congleton / TODAY

“First of all, these are probably the most photogenic Oreos that I’ve seen in a while, thanks to their creamy bright pink filling. I was prepared to not like them because I’m not super into Peeps, but here’s the thing — they don’t really taste that much like Peeps to me. The creamy filling’s flavor reminds me more of birthday cake frosting than Peeps. Combined with the crispy vanilla wafers, it’s a nice little cookie that I could see a lot of people digging.” – Alessandra Bulow, Food Editor

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"This is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. Can I have a box (or four), please? I don’t taste much of the 'Peeps,' but it’s still absolutely delicious. I think it kind of tastes like cake?" – Emily Slawek, Special Projects Associate

"The filling didn’t taste all that different from regular Oreo filling. The cookie lacks the charm of an actual Peep, too." – Shane Lou, Editor

“The Peeps-flavored Oreo tasted like reallllllly sweet vanilla icing. There wasn't even a soupçon of Peep flavor in there.” – Christina Anderson, Editorial Lead for Original Video

"They smell like Play-Doh to me, but the cookies are good and taste like vanilla wafers. Not much flavor, just really… sweet. Like vanilla icing hit you in the face with a handful of sugar. Not bad, though!" – Nicholas Kiray, Multimedia Designer

“It just tastes like a cookie with frosting. If anything, it tastes more like frosting than a Peep. It’s a little too sweet for my liking. However, I do love the bright pink color.” – Jordan Muto, Lifestyle Editor

“It's like a normal vanilla sandwich cookie, only 10 times sweeter!” – Brianna Bernath, NBC News Group Intern

In the end, the Peeps Oreos didn't knock everyone's socks off, but a few people completely loved them, and that alone may be enough of a reason to go out and buy a box.

This article was originally published on February 21, 2017.