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America's snacking habits are on the rise. What's your favorite?

It's official. We're a nation in search of snacks.

Grabbing a little something to eat in between meals is nothing new. But now, it seems America’s “snack attacks” are getting stronger. 

A recent article from Axios points to a number of new reports on eating habits in the U.S. showing “snacking rose steeply during the pandemic — and has continued."

Some are calling the trend of eating snacks instead of full meals, “snackification” — blaming the change on the return to our busy schedules.

So, just what are we snacking on? According to one report, the most common picks for those mini meals are cookies, followed by chips and other snack foods (think Cheetos or pretzels) and ice cream.

What's your No. 1 thing to munch on? Tell us!

Want to lighten things up a little? Try these better-for-you snack ideas:

Spiced Roasted Chickpeas
Garam Masala-Spiced Popcorn
Chocolate-Banana Muffins