TODAY   |  April 10, 2014

Tracy Morgan: ‘Jimmy Fallon needs some competition’

The “30 Rock” actor visits TODAY to chat about reprising his role as the lovable bulldog Luiz in “Rio 2,” and says he’s throwing himself in the mix as a replacement for David Letterman.

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>>> 8:39 with the very funny tracy morgan . he made us half on "snl" for seven seasons as tracy gordon on nbc's emmy and golden globe winning hit " 30 rock ." now, he's surprising us as luis, the adorable bulldog left behind in " rio 2."

>> amazon, who is ready for a tropical adventure? i know i am.

>> wait, we didn't do a head count. hey, guys, wait up, ahh!

>> hey, come back.

>> they left without me, again. a dog.

>> that is messed up. tracy morgan . good morning. nice to see you.

>> thank you.

>> i know you wouldn't have reprised this role unless luis would have evolved considerably between " rio 1" and " rio 2" how has he evolved?

>> he doesn't have wings but still loveable.

>> we've got a lot of actors who lend their voices to animated films . it's two camps, one say it's the easiest pay, and the other ones say it's a harder fall.

>> when you do this things, they have to put your voice, and you're in a booth by yourself, you're not with anyone. for me, i'm easier when i'm with people.

>> you like to play off people?

>> yeah, yeah.

>> but you can do it in your pajamas.

>> it doesn't matter. when i first started comedy, a lot of my material was based on imagination, but then i went back to my imagination.

>> it's fun. pure entertainment. buts there also a message about rain forest conservation.

>> that's why i championed this movie. that's why i got involved, because of the message. if you think about it, if all the trees are gone, we're done. we got to touch the younger generation. the cartoonists will get their attention, but the message is what's important.

>> i think it's good that you're starting a campaign throughout this morning. i know on the show you would like to start another campaign. we just heard the news that david letterman is retiring in the next year --

>> i'm throwing myself in the mix.

>> your own self.

>> yeah.

>> what would you do different than the other late night ?

>> than late night ? that would be interesting. let's shake the game up. i think jimmy fallon needs some competition out there.

>> who would be your band?

>> it would be different. it might be drake one night. it might be sly and the family stone . it might be doobie brothers .

>> who is your ideal guest?

>> the black dude from " magnum p.i. "

>> the black dude from " magnum p.i. " "would you have a signature signoff each night?

>> yeah, who's coming with me. i don't know where i'm going, but who's coming with me?

>> do you do a lot of stand-up?

>> i do a lot of stand-up. bona fide, the comedy special airs april 20th . and then at 1:00 at night, awesome, "saturday night live" and years on " 30 rock " and now i get to hear my voice again. so it's good for me, wow, this is your perspective. it it feels good. plus, i'm on tour. the tracy morgan funny tour that starts next month.

>> you're going to have to stay up --

>> i love it.

>> you're going to have to slow down if you get that late night show.

>> we'll work it out.

>> tracy morgan , good to see you.

>> pleasure.