TODAY   |  April 02, 2014

Jason Brown: Winning Olympic medal ‘surreal’

American figure skater Jason Brown joins TODAY to chat about bringing home a bronze medal at the Olympics, and winning the hearts of many fans.

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>> rink with jason brown with his smile and energetic performance in sochi, he won millions of fans. he also helped the u.s. team bring home a bronze in that team figure skating event. and he joins us now at the rink. good morning.

>> good morning. how are you doing? i'm so excited to be here.

>> i'm excited to have you here. it's been five weeks since we saw you in sochi. you got that bronze medal , you finished ninth overall after finishing second at the u.s. nationals. how did you feel about your time?

>> it's been amazing. the entire experience, it's surreal, i still don't believe it. i don't understand i'm holding this, i'm at the "today" show next to you. none of it makes sense to me right now. it's so amazing.

>> the hits keep coming. you're kicking off a busy week. heading to washington this week.

>> yeah. i'm heading -- actually, right after i leave here, there's an awards show tonight the best of u.s., which i'm really excited about. it's amazing to be reunited with all the olympic teammates. i'm so excited.

>> there's a little event, by the way, you're going to go to the white house and meet the president.

>> yes! crazy, it's crazy. i don't know how i'm going to handle it.

>> i don't know. i have no idea what i'm going to tell him. i'm going to be shaking so much.

>> and then you've got a nice show coming up, stars on ice ?

>> i am, 12 of the 20 shows they tour all around the country. i'm so excited to be doing it with my teammates. it's going to be a great show. if you're around, please come out.

>> i hope in the near future you find a way to become a little more enthusiastic.

>> thanks.

>> can i hold the bronze medal ?

>> yeah.