TODAY   |  March 28, 2014

‘No Pants Subway Ride Day’ and other odd holidays

TODAY’s national correspondent Jenna Wolfe joins us with a look at just how packed our holiday calendar has gotten. Every single day this year has at least one holiday, if not more.

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>>> well, it is march 28th , and you may not know this, but it is a holiday. what you should be celebrating today in a moment. but first, "today's" jenna wolf is here with a look at how packed our holiday calendar has become.

>> happy holidays .

>> thank you.

>> every year, there are the biggies. you got your fourth of july, christmases or hanukkahs, but what about clean your fridge day . it seems like practically everything has its own special day. you're right.

>> new year's, the kickoff to a year's worth of holidays. holidays like easter, independence day and thanksgiving. or others with a little more, shall we say jubilation like st. patrick's day, halloween or april fool 's day. either way, we love our holidays. so much so, that we're making up new ones all the time. there's no pants subway ride day and international pillow fight day . forget groundhog day , how about pink fla mamingo day. i think they know what a dog sounds like, that's august 26th . for the foodies out there, there's national hamburger day on may 28th , nachos your thing, party it up on november 6th . how about cherry pie ? pecan pie or apple pie ? you get a day, you get a day, you get a day, everybody gets a day. in fact, every single date this year has at least one holiday if not more. take march 10th , that's napping day. unfortunately, it's also international bag pipe day. july 7th is tell the truth day.

>> does this make me look fat?

>> good thing it's also global forgiveness day. so why do we love holidays so much? we ask the experts at chase's calendar of events to have literally written the book on world holidays since 1958 .

>> i think it's part of the joy and variety of, you know, existence.

>> you can apply for free to get in the book. but out of 100 submissions each year, they accept less than 20.

>> everybody realizes, you know, you could create something that other people will enjoy. we're looking for commitment, we're looking that it is already observed. we are also looking for legitimate expressions of celebrations so to speak.

>> and with over 800 holidays on record, it's clear there's one thing we love to celebrate most.

>> we've had trouble nailing down one particular day that celebrates chocolate.

>> whether it's hug day, high five day or grab some nuts day.

>> really?

>> oh. thanks.

>> every day's a holiday.

>> and come new year's eve, we'll get ready to cue the festivities all over again.

>> yay!

>> as we mentioned, every single day on the calendar has its own holiday. today happens to be march 28th , national black forest cake day. how are you celebrating?

>> i can only think of one thing to do. eat it.

>> it's a shame we all have to work today.

>> it's a german cake with a lot of chocolate.

>> i'm so glad it's not national pickled herring day or something like that.

>> there's a national proofreading day and national procrastination day.

>> every day is filled with one if not two holidays. so eat up, enjoy, take the rest of the day off.

>> i thought you were going to say take the rest of the cake.

>> i'm going to celebrate black forest day every year now.

>> hamburger and nachos.

>> november 6th .

>> they might as well celebrate it.