TODAY   |  March 28, 2014

Missouri tornado victim: ‘Everything’s gone’

Residents are picking up the pieces in parts of Missouri following several tornadoes. The powerful storm system is now heading East for what could be a rough weather weekend for millions.

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>> meantime, residents picking up the pieces in missouri this morning following several reports of tornadoes there. and dylan's following that this morning.

>> good morning, guys. this is part of a very fast-moving storm system that is in trenton, missouri , just to the northeast about 80 miles of kansas city , missouri , and this could be just a taste of what's to come this weekend.

>> just sad to see it all gone.

>> reporter: thunderstorms, hail, and one reported tornado left a line of damage in northern missouri yesterday. demolishing houses like the home her parents built more than 40 years ago.

>> my folks are both gone now, and it's, you know, it's like the final ending, everything's gone. i had always hoped that i would be able to live here some day.

>> high winds blew out the doors and windows of the home diane chambers ' family owned for more than 29 years. but her house is still standing . and she's grateful.

>> i'm happy it's still standing and i didn't lose our pictures and momentos and things from memories that over the years, i'm glad that's still here.

>> reporter: in all, at least four homes were damaged from the powerful wind and hail. this morning, as residents clean up, they prepare for another bout of extreme weather possibly later today .

>> this is all part of a bigger storm system that is going to bring periods of severe weather . today, you can see a lot of the severe storms are occurring right now, down through parts of louisiana and moving into mississippi and alabama . and it's in this area where we will see torrential downpours and the possibility of hail, cloud to ground lightning and also isolated tornadoes. that's why the whole area in red from eastern texas right on over into the panhandle of florida, including parts of mobile, alabama , as well. this is the area where we could see strongest storms today. but even though we're not going to see strong storms everywhere. again, those would be isolated and hit and miss, we'd be looking at widespread rain, perhaps as much as 2 to 3 inches, especially in the panhandle of florida and parts of alabama and up into georgia, too. it is going to be another active weekend. we're not talking about snow this time, this time we're talking about severe storms and torrential rain.

>> dylan, thank you.