TODAY   |  March 19, 2014

Viewers send in questions on missing flight

Many people are asking about why passengers’ cellphone haven’t been tracked, while others ask about the in-flight crew. Submit your questions to our Facebook page. Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>> meanwhile, tamron is in for carson in the orange room . what are you talking about?

>> we're following up on the burning questions surrounding flight 370. i know you guys have experts who will be in studio. so we asked you on tuesday to submit your questions to us. things that have been on your mind, a lot of theorys floating around. a lot asking about cell phones . why haven't the passengers' cell phones been tracked thus far. others have asked about the crew, the inflight crew. what is their ability to contact folks on the ground if there is some trouble? so we're asking you to continue to submit your questions to our facebook page, #orangeroom. and as mentioned, matt and savannah will have experts in studio to answer questions. a lot of them have been asked by journalists. people at home give a different perspective sometimes.

>> get to those in the next half hour. thank you very much.

>>> meanwhile, coming up, major development in the oscar pistorius trial.