TODAY   |  March 18, 2014

Pistorius trial testimony focuses on blood in house

The mysterious blood spatter found in athlete Oscar Pistorius’ bedroom is now taking center stage at his murder trial. NBC national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen reports from South Africa.

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>>> now to the new drama at the murder trial of oscar pistorius . it is now in its third week. jeff rossen joins us from petoria once again. good morning.

>> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. as we first reported right here on "today," there are mysterious bloodstains inside oscar 's bedroom. this morning, that mystery is taking center stage . if the shooting happened in a bathroom, which it did, how did the blood get all the way down the hall to oscar 's bedroom, even in his bed as we've discovered. this morning, what could be a big twist in the case. oscar pistorius arriving to court this morning surrounded by his team. and inside, this moment, embracing his aunt as new questions swirl. we've seen blood in oscar 's bathroom where he shot and killed his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he said it was an accident, thought there was an intruder. we've even seen blood on the staircase where he dragged her body. but how did blood spatter get here on the wall above oscar 's bed. and according to this police officer , that's not the only place they found blood .

>> there were blood spots on the duvet, my lady.

>> small specks of blood on oscar 's duvet cover. did something happen between him and reeva in the bedroom just before the shooting?

>> even though it's really small, it's incredibly significant. there's blood somewhere we wouldn't expect. we're hoping that a blood spatter expert will shed more light on that in the next few days.

>> reporter: right now, it's a mystery?

>> it's a mystery. a question on everyone's mind.

>> reporter: today, the defense team is focusing once again on police mistakes, pointing to this photo of oscar 's cricket bat saying cops disturbed the scene.

>> there was movement of the bat.

>> seems like this, my lady.

>> reporter: there's such intense interest in this trial, they've created a 24-hour oscar pistorius channel here in south africa . live coverage of the case all day, analysis all night and ratings are through the roof.

>> a channel designed for one purpose, a first, channel 199, the oscar pistorius trial.

>> reporter: this is the first time south africa has ever allowed cameras in court. history being made here. and the locals can't get enough.

>> people are hooked on it. they're saying that they're addicted to it. anecdotally, we're hearing about people missing work in order to watch the trial.

>> they have a camera mounted on this drone for oscar 's comings and goings. four decades they've watched televised trials in america from o.j. to casey anthony, producers here hoping this is a start of a new sort of south african must-see tv.

>> we love it around here. we can watch it on our phones. we follow it every day.

>> this is the first time you've had coverage like this.

>> reporter: looking ahead now, way ahead, the judge has a few options when this trial is over. find oscar not guilty, find him guilty of pre-meditated murder, find him guilty of murder, which means he killed reeva in the spur of the moment or what they call culpable homicide or the negligible killing of someone. we are weeks and weeks, maybe a couple months from that.

>> wow. jeff rossen , thank you so much.

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