TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

Crime scene photos from Pistorius’ home revealed

Pictures from the night of the shooting of Reeva Steenkamp were shown at Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial. NBC News' Jeff Rossen reports from South Africa.

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>> trial of olympic sprinter, oscar pistorius . graphic image of the scene domina dominating the day there. jeff rossen is in pretoria. good morning.

>> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. we are getting our first real look inside oscar 's house. not only where it happened inside the bathroom, but also the trail of evidence all over his home. right now, oscar 's defense team, here at the courthouse by hind me. they are fighting back hard, using the same strategy as another sports legend. oscar pistorius , the night of the shooting. covered in blood without his prosthetic legs, photographed by police. in fact, officers took dozens of photos all over the house. oscar 's hallway, his staircase and the trail of blood inside the bathroom where he shot and killed reeva steenkamp. oscar 's gun was discovered just feet away. this police colonel was among the first on scene.

>> that firearm as it is lying there, ready to fire.

>> it's ready to fire. just have to pull the trigger.

>> and here are the two iphones found laying on the floor. then came photos of reeva's body.

>> to close up the deceased.

>> oscar looked away, putting his head in his hands. he says it was all an accident, thought there was an intruder and there are issues with the prosecution's case. police mistakes at the scene. the colonel testifying today, saying he noticed an officer holding oscar 's gun without gloves.

>> i asked him, what are you doing? and then he turn his head to me and i was looking and then he realized there was no hand gloves and then he said, sorry.

>> reporter: the defense strategy is really coming into focus now. put the police on trial, painting them as sloppy, the evidence tainted and the investigation contaminated with officers only investigating angles that proved oscar 's guilt. in fact, early on, the lead detective had to be removed from the case for contaminating the crime scene and claiming he found performance enhancing drugs in oscar 's home. which wasn't true.

>> a way that he should not disturb the scene.

>> reporter: now, the defense capitalizing on those mistakes. it works for o.j. simpson .

>> not guilty of the crime of murder.

>> reporter: now, a member of o.j.'s dream team is weighing in, saying there's one key difference between o.j. and the case between oscar pistorius .

>> in south africa , there is no jury, so this is being tried to a judge who is very experienced. a jury might well be very influenced by inconsistencies, testimony and handling of evidence. a judge is less likely to be so less convinced.

>> reporter: here on a friday as we finish up the second week of this trial, keep this in mind. there are more than 100 people on the witness list. so far, about a dozen have testified. that's it. legal experts say not everyone will be called. otherwise, we'd be here for months. as it is, they say this could last another five weeks.