TODAY   |  March 12, 2014

Monster storm to hit Midwest

A huge winter storm is expected to blast the Midwest before heading east. Three to four inches of snow are expected. It’s already snowing in Chicago, where airports are experiencing delays.  NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> once again, we have got more storms to talk about. winter storm vulcan. let's go to chicago right now. dylan dryer, how think has actually been home maybe 12 -- 12 hours during this winter, and dylan , they are getting hammered pretty good, too?

>> reporter: for sure, al, fortunately, 129 hours it was 66 degrees, worked out great for any new york city but i want to put the snow in chicago in per spec div for you, maybe something we can all stomach this morning. giordano's has given us 75 1/2 inches worth of pizza boxes to represent the 75 1/2 inches worth of snow we have picked up here officially in chicago this winter. all we need is another couple of inches to crack the top three snowiest winters of all time. and with about three to four inches of snow expected out of this storm, we should crack that top three. now, it's hard to believe it was 50 degrees here in chicago yesterday. this all started off as rain, but around midnight, it switched over to snow. and actually came down at rates of around one to two inches per hour. there is a ground delay program in effect right now at chicago 's o'hare airport. and arriving flights are delayed at least two hours at this time. now, again, when i left new york yesterday, it was about 66 degrees and this storm, al, is going to work in some serious cold. is it true that it could be 40 degrees colder when/if i ever return back home?

>> it is actually, in fact, true. now that we are using pizza as our measuring stick for snow, are we using deep dish or thin crust?

>> reporter: oh, this is deep dish . i was told there is pizza in at least one of these boxes. i've never had chicago pizza before.

>> good luck go for it i would have opted for a warmer one, but that's okay. dylan dryer, thanks so