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TODAY   |  March 10, 2014

Wilmer Valderamma: Lindsay Lohan is ‘on track’

Actor Wilmer Valderamma, well-known from the sitcom “That ’70s Show,” is starring in a new television series, “From Dusk Till Dawn,” based on the 1996 movie of the same name. The actor, who dated Lindsay Lohan in past, says he keeps in contact with Lindsay and believes she has her life on track.

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>> "from dusk to dawn ", the series. can we take it out now?

>> whenever they're paying you, it is not enough.

>> you work with these fangs?

>> i work with the fangs. i would say these are probably more comfortable than the ones i wear.

>> how is that possible?

>> trust me, you make it look easy.

>> did you drool a lot with these? women like that.

>> yes, they do.

>> you would know.

>> of course you would.

>> more than probably pretty much anybody in hollywood.

>> cheers.

>> your character --

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> so your character is evil. let's start there. tell us about how evil.

>> you're going to need it.

>> let me just take the edge off real quick.

>> great. that teaches the kids at home. okay. how are you?

>> stay in school. stay in school. i had the privilege to have this break from robert rodriguez , a brand-new show, you can imagine anything that robert rodriguez , quentin tarantino , roberto --

>> extreme limits.

>> it is really an incredible -- i have to say, you know, this -- "from dusk to dawn " is for the new network. i couldn't be more proud of the show that is so groundbreaking and to have quentin tarantino 's characters come to life in a robert rodriguez , you know, production is magical.

>> don johnson is in this too?

>> don johnson . robert patrick . madison dellaport. the cast sin credibis incredible.

>> you play evil. that is so much more fun.

>> it is like going blonde, you know? going blonde. it is a lot more fun. being in the old character is so fulfilling for me. very therapeutic.

>> really?

>> do you shoot "from dusk till dawn ," is everything done at night and how does that affect your love life ?

>> well, i'm super tired, so it is very hard to get around.

>> i bet.

>> you know, i think it all depends. it varies -- it starts in the beginning of the week, we start like 5:00 in the morning and then the hours get pushed a little, you know how production is, push a little more and then by the end of the week, your call time could be 5:00 p.m . and leaving by 7:00 a.m . two nights ago i finished at 2:28 a.m .

>> people think it is glamorous.

>> no.

>> only the awards shows.

>> did you see lindsey was on own, she has a docu-series.

>> i didn't get to see it. i've been traveling for the show.

>> how convenient that you don't have to --

>> are you in touch with her at all?

>> i have -- i have stayed in touch with her, very briefly, you know. it is nice to see her -- seems like she's definitely on track somehow.

>> who told you that? did you see the documentary?

>> i haven't seen the documentary.

>> you didn't come on anyway, hoda, why are you asking --

>> he dated her a long time ago, i'm just asking --

>> well, thank you so much. nobody learned a thing, but we have a hell of a good time. "from dusk till dawn " remea premieres tomorrow night on el ray network.