TODAY   |  March 10, 2014

Steve Harvey: ‘I know how real people think’

The successful radio, talk and game show host joins TODAY to chat about the second season of his hit "Steve Harvey" TV show, and emceeing “Family Feud.” Matt Lauer gives him a pop quiz about some relationship issues.

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>>> 8:37 with a guy who may be becoming the new king of all media with apologies to the husband of a future guest here in a second. steve harvey .

>> good.

>> a successful stand-up comic, he has a hit daytime talk show .

>> you and i will get through this together.

>> and if that's not enough, a number one rated radio show .

>> let me tell you about me.

>> family feud game show host . and author of two best-selling relationship books. steve harvey , husband and father of seven is a true renaissance man.

>> so we can't put that sign up on morning television. steve harvey , good morning, nice to see you.

>> good to see you.

>> when you were a kid.

>> great job on the olympics.

>> thank you very much.

>> great job.

>> thank you very much. getting back to you for a second. you're a kid, you've got the toothbrush, you're pretending it's a microphone, an entertainer or a host. did you ever imagine when you finally launched your own talk show , it could be as successful as it has been?

>> no, not really. because you look at other people and the chances. you get the statistics thrown in your face all the time. the chance of making this, i don't know.

>> did you have naysayers saying, look, these talented people have tried this before and one by one they've dropped off the face of the earth?

>> i heard a ton of it. i heard a ton of it. that doesn't stop me from the effort, you know. i already knew you got to step off the cliff. you hoping the chute opens. but in order to enjoy the ride to the ground, you've got to step off.

>> you must have thought you could deliver something in the hour that those people hadn't delivered.

>> there was no men on daytime tv that were, you know, had all of the experience i had. it's not a lot of guys that have done the marriage thing the way i have, survived it, been homeless, flunked out of college, started at the bottom, kind of got it, you know, american dream story.

>> one of the things you do a lot of on your show. you deal with relationships. you talk to people who are in a relationship or want to be in a relationship or just got out of a relationship. and you offer advice. do you ever get worried about that advice? because people's lives are -- their happiness is on the line, and they're listening to you.

>> right. but, you know, the only thing i give to people, even though it's my opinion is laced heavily with truth and facts. you know, this is the way it's done. this is the only way it works. a man has to be this way to a woman to make a woman happy. and a woman has every right to look for the things they're looking for.

>> do you ever get back to your dressing room and think, i might have blown that one?

>> no. no, not really. no.

>> get it right pretty much all the time.

>> i pretty much nailed it.

>> yeah. okay.

>> that's the attitude i walk away with.

>> all right. you're also the host of " family feud ." so we've created something here, mr. harvey. we're calling it "today's family fuse." these are situations that could make you blow a fuse. and we put these up to the people online. and we came up with the top three answers they came up with to these situations. wow, okay. got your own theme music . i'm going to give you a situation. you tell me what you think the people online chose as the number one answer. we'll hear from the peanut gallery over here. a family member borrows money from you promising to pay it back but doesn't. now you really need the money. would you, a, remind them constantly, b, bring it up occasionally, or c, forget about it and move on? what do you think the number one answer is?

>> i think they would, b, remind them occasionally. hold on now, don't give the answer away. peanut gallery ?

>> constantly.

>> number two.

>> occasionally. bring it up occasionally.

>> two.

>> survey says -- 40%, bring it up occasionally. okay.

>> i know how real people think, buddy.

>> you are. i'm almost apologetic for even suggesting you might have gotten something wrong once or twice. question number two. if you found your significant other checking your cell phone , would you, a, ignore it, nothing there anyway. b, hide your phone in the future, or c, confront that significant other. what do you think the number one answer is?

>> i think the masses is going to say, c, confront their significant other.

>> you really do?

>> as in challenging my integrity. i think they would. me, i got nothing to hide.

>> you can stay with that answer?

>> yeah. ten years ago, you couldn't have. you couldn't have touched it.

>> peanut gallery .

>> we're with "c."

>> i think some people say they would hide it.

>> hide it in the future.

>> okay.

>> what is the number one answer? the number one answer, 52% said confront them about it.

>> all right.

>> man of the people.

>> 2 for 2. you want to do one more? press your luck? double or nothing. here we go. finally invite your new bo to sunday dinner and your sister brings up details about the one you let slipped away . would you admit it's a hard breakup, expand upon your love loss, or c, change the subject and address the topic later with the guy in private?

>> i will go, d, stab her.

>> i was thinking "a."

>> what do you really think?

>> i think i confront her about it later.

>> yeah.

>> yeah. change the subject.

>> yeah. change the subject, address the topic later. the number one answer. you know what, you should do a talk show . you're good at this. you really are. steve harvey .

>> i like this game. i love you, matt.

>> thank you, you, too.

>> and don't forget the "steve