TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

Bobbie Thomas swaps stars’ red carpet looks

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas gives a few computerized tweaks to Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Garner’s looks on the Oscars red carpet, and also shows off her favorite styles from Hollywood’s big night.

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>> and we're back on this fun day monday with more of "today." jenna bush hager is with me while kathie lee recovers from working oscar red carpet yesterday.

>> the best part of working red carpet is getting to check out all the fashion. "today's" style editor bobbie thomas is here to show us who people wore and how they could have worn it a little bit better, right, bobbie.

>> whenever you come back and do your tweaks, it is so much fun.

>> it is fun to listen to what people have to say on twitter, like yourself. let's get right to it. i did a lot. at first i wanted to point out what really is --

>> lupita.

>> a modern classic. what really takes something like this to a classic level and with modernity is she's not overly coifed. very fresh and clean, even the hair is minimal. and look what happens to be in my hand. lupita's lip color. chanel sent this to me overnight. and this is called mela d. youth. an orangey coral. you can really take advantage of color and she did all awards season.

>> talk to us about charlize theron . you loved her.

>> i loved her. she's another example of modern classic. this is a silhouette that looked like it belonged on the vintage champagne ad, but very princess diana -like. don't go pageanty. don't overdo the hair and makeup. keep it clean and simple and so strong.

>> statement necklaces, a lot of them.

>> we talked about necklines. this was perfect for the neckline, the v shape . you'll see that. if you're going to go clean and simple with the makeup, we have jennifer lawrence .

>> awesome, yeah.

>> very little tweak that goes a long way.

>> what did you do?

>> the eyebrows. when you're going to be using fresh makeup, make sure you frame your face, but her eyebrows were kind of blurring away with her makeup. so just coloring your eyebrows, it makes a difference. you don't have to use a lot of makeup. just about your own features.

>> so very slight change.

>> she looked --

>> we loved her. one of my favorites.

>> amy adams too.

>> i love amy adams and she went to a place she loves, this clean, tailored look in the navy gucci. but i just couldn't help try her in some other dresses. something soft that would have been fun and a little fashion forward. and then actually miranda kerr is the reason she didn't have the last one on because she ended up in that. but i thought " american hustle " was such a great movie, that it could have been fun to see her in soft and sexy as opposed to the prim and proper we usually see.

>> you wanted to switch up a couple of other dresses.

>> we'll see with the next shot, bette midler , i love her so much, i love -- she was so excited to be in this ream acra. anne hathaway does this edgy look. i thought, what if we swap them. i thought this would be so fun.

>> interesting.

>> i thought that looked so modern and cool.

>> only you could come up with that, honestly.

>> i love this on anne. it gives her that --

>> i can't believe kathie lee asked bette midler about her girls. did you see her?

>> i have girls and i know a halter top can minimize that and -- but, you know, that's a whole other segment.

>> that's a thumbs up. a total thumbs up. what about anna kendrick .

>> anna kendrick , i love she went to take a risk. this is one of my favorite designers. but you notice it is really busy on her petite frame. the same idea, just kind of swapped out where you can see that the vertical line goes head to toe , she can wear the same idea, less is more, especially when --

>> she looks taller. she looks great. you said jen garner, you would have switched something up.

>> jen garner has classic great shoulders but if you get a close-up look, what i did, instead of the one strap, i added straps and created that v neckline because it softened her silhouette and shoulders. this is bad photo shopping. we didn't make that softer on the v, but at the same time, we just wanted to give you an idea at home, if you have great shoulders like that, take advantage of a lower cut.

>> and lastly julie delfy. i have girlfriends and i love the idea of the vintage silhouette, but beware, it is great. i think her curves are fantastic. i'm not trying to make her look skin yes, i want to make that look clear. but if you want to look at what happens under the arms of a lot of dresses, if it is not fitted, you are going to add more volume.

>> who looks good in a dress that has all that extra room?

>> someone that has, like, jennifer garner who has the broader shoulders and really narrow hips, it kind of falls like angelina jolie .

>> the boobs too.

>> right. no boobs.

>> i have them myself.

>> bobbie, great.