TODAY   |  February 28, 2014

Stethoscopes more germy than doctors’ hands: Study

Researchers say that some stethoscopes have been found to have lots of germs, including a potentially deadly superbug. Reportedly the instruments are cleaned just once a month.

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>>> time you're at the doctors office, might want to ask an important question. when was the last time you cleaned your stethoscope? we see them all the time, but apparently they're really germy. doctors put them against chests, just like that. well, anyways, apparently they're just as germy as unwashed hands. some were found to contain a potentially deadly super bug .

>> they should create a little booty that goes on the outside of it like a thermometer.

>> yeah. exactly.

>> i'm going to invent that. don't steal that.

>> side note, what never gets