TODAY   |  February 19, 2014

Charlie White: I was ‘strong-armed’ into playing violin

On Tuesday, after gold medal-winning figure skater Charlie White revealed his secret violin skills on TODAY, he tweeted: “That one time I got strong-armed into playing violin on the TODAY show in Sochi.” Willie Geist reports from the Orange Room.  

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>>> bring it over to willie in the orange room , see what you're cooking up.

>> note to all of us, don't make an offhand promise to savannah guthrie you don't end to keep. it happened to the great charlie white yesterday on the show. he wins a gold medal and told savannah a couple months ago in an interview, if he won a gold medal , he would play violin for us on the "today" show. well, good on his promise, there he is. charlie white playing beautifully for us here. followed it up with a tweet writing, that one time i got strong armed into playing violin on the "today" show in sochi. #greatstories. and yes, he wrote out the word hashtag. we love him more for that. it worked.

>> i know.

>> he said bullied in any part there?