TODAY   |  February 17, 2014

It’s anchors vs. analysts in ‘Anchors Olympics’

Who can read a teleprompter better? The TODAY show anchors face off with the NBC Olympics analysts in a battle of broadcasting ability.

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>>> meanwhile, some believe the excitement here in sochi is generated by the thrills and spills of great athletes like that. but we in the broadcast business like to think we can create a little excitement ourselves.

>> who really brings it? is it the newscasters or the sportscasters. we decided to find out by hosting the first ever anchor olympics.

>> team captains, come to the middle and shake hands.

>> you have less hair than i do.

>> not much.

>> ladies and gentlemen , let the games begin.

>> let's go!

>> the stakes are high right out of the gate here. our first challenge pits lester holt against mary carillo . we'll put the name of the athlete in the prompter, whoever pronounces that correctly wins the first challenge. lester holt goes first.

>> sleek vendor wart.

>> what's your best guess?

>> freak vander wart.

>> neither is correct.

>> freik vander wart.

>> correct. nbc sports with the first point of the game.

>> all right. next event. this we're calling the script tap challenge. i'm going to scatter scripts on either side of the desk. whoever collects them, taps them into a perfect pile quicker will be the winner of the second event.

>> you're not going to figure skate your way out of this one.

>> wait.

>> you've got help.

>> go!

>> tap. tap!

>> savannah guthrie . savannah guthrie .

>> in your face, sports!

>> this event we're calling the ifb challenge. ear piece the producers speak to us on the air. what we're going to ask you to do read some copy in the teleprompter, i'm going to go to the audio board and say horrible things in your ears.

>> if you laugh or smile, it's over.

>> correct.

>> the hot ticket today in sochi was the iceberg skating --

>> iceberg sounds the same in russian, english and german.

>> english and german.

>> wow.

>> okay. it's a tie.

>> this one's tough. this one we're calling the red light challenge. when your camera is on, there's a red light on the top. and you have to keep up with the red light . do you understand the rules of the game ?

>> yeah.

>> gentlemen, follow the red light .

>> the lights aren't going on. there's only one red light . old habits.

>> we have a winner.

>> johnny weir , ladies and gentlemen .

>> now, guys, we've ended in a tie.

>> oh!

>> there's only one way to break this tie. we're going to anchor promo. whoever as a team give the best promo look to camera will be our winner. nbc sports , you're up.

>> three, two --

>> stay fancy, soup bowl.

>> wow.

>> i have to say, as the impartial judge with all precincts reporting, this is too close to call. we're turning this over to you, the viewers. you can cast your vote on for us, your loyal "today" show anchors for the sportscast. and to the winner goes the coveted spray painted microphone barely standing in this piece of plastic.

>> it's still wet, i think.

>> that looks good.

>> how badly do we want to win that?