TODAY   |  February 13, 2014

Johnny Weir wears mink for fishing with Billy Bush

Bromance alert! The figure skater searches for the perfect bling for a Black Sea fishing expedition with the “Access Hollywood” host.

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>>> morning from sochi. normally this time of year fishing is the furthest thing from your mind. but the temperatures are unusually warm and some people are heading to the black sea to see what they can find. joining me is billy bush . can you believe how warm it is?

>> i was looking for you. i don't see you as a fisherman.

>> i was looking for roker. who else could i get to go fishing? johnny weir , isn't it obvious?

>> johnny weir going for the gold necklace, just one of many fashion statements the former olympic winner is going for. always color full, weir searches for an outfit that's sure to make a splash when we go fishing in the black sea .

>> i think that will be attractive to a fish. and billy.

>> oh, wow.

>> fishing.

>> hey, i wasn't sure you were going to show.

>> of course, when you're invited to go fishing by billy bush , you go fishing.

>> gosh, you look terrific. you don't have waders but what are those?

>> they're rick owen.

>> of course. judging by the look of things, johnny was not the only catch. the fish were looking good, too. here's our tackle box. come on, we're looking for sushi in sochi. are you going to be okay walking on the beach here?

>> naturally.

>> not exactly blending in, we were like two fish out of water but we discovered the lingo of fine fishermen is universal.

>> yesterday he caught a different one that was bigger. he said you have to wait for the big fish .

>> trusting the experts, we followed their lead and let them size our bait.

>> they're very unimpressed. billy, he said we don't have to throw it, the fish are all biting closer.

>> oh. our new friend became alarmed that i waded into his new territory.

>> oh, no. we were in such good stead with him. you disappointed everyone. this is why i don't go anywhere with him. he embarrasses me. we made a new friend.

>> okay. okay.

>> and he's ruined it.

>> oh, johnny , beautiful.

>> oh, i got a bite.

>> no, you didn't. you got a rock.

>> it's very weird to fish in an ocean.

>> you look like you've done this before.

>> i've ridden horses.

>> you've got a bite. it's probably a rock. it's a shimmering rock.

>> i caught it, i caught it, i caught it. look at this! it's a fish! it's a fish!

>> a fish out of water . what do you know, buddy.

>> wait, doesn't get salt water on my mink.

>> oh, my gosh! that's a reality show . you guys need a show together.

>> like felix and oscar. the old grizzlied vets out there, they took a shine to johnny . he brought a smile to their faces.

>> where's your fishing casual outfit?

>> i had my waders on there. johnny had vintage valentino on or was it chanel?