TODAY   |  February 06, 2014

New terror warning on Olympic opening day

With some events already underway ahead of the Opening Ceremony tomorrow, a new terror warning has surfaced, but Russian authorities continue to promise the Games will be safe. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> is the terror warning and it's a really scary one.

>> if really is. i'm joined here by kier simmons of nbc. good morning to you.

>> reporter: that's right. there has been a new warning, this time relating to airlines. after all the concern about sochi, it's now time for the athletes to start worrying about winning. the world's winter olympians are getting their skates on and their skis and know boards. even now there are new terror warnings. the u.s. government sent an advisory to airline, watch out for explosives smuggled on to planes in toothpaste tubes. they say there's no specific threat,er that just being cautious. but it pays not to be careful on the slopes. shaun white 's decision to pull out was greeted by comments such as "he's scared." the moguls are one of the courses getting last-minute modifications, but most reports are the conditions are near perfect.

>> terrific! the olympic venues are dotted around the mountains. across the valley you can see the biathlon course offer to the right, the olympic village .

>> billie jean king will not hereby for the opening ceremony because of her mother's failing health. and todd ludwig will be the flag bearer. tens of millions watching around the world. let the games begin. so the competition has started, matt. and in that team figure skating, both team usa and russia have a chance at medaling. so forget putin versus obama. the real cold war is going to be on that figure skating rink . canada has a chance to medal as well.

>> second time skiing, keir, you