TODAY   |  February 05, 2014

‘Millionaire Matchmaker’: OK to ‘fool around’ while dating

Patti Stanger, host of the Bravo show “Millionaire Matchmaker,” suggests single people should make themselves enter the dating scene and says that “messing around” in the bedroom is OK before sex. Two other tips: Avoid being late, and don’t talk about your ex.

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>>> it her business to find singles their match. here they are on our show. pria, danielle , evan , jay, michael.

>> hello everybody. was it awkward or pretty comfortable up there? give a thumbs up if it was okay, a little weird? it's 45hard to meet a complete stranger and start a conversation.

>> i thought you were doing real well.

>> i could talk to my wall.

>> that could be a problem.

>> don't admit that on a first date.

>> patty, they had a little bit of time. wasn't a lot. about 30 minutes .

>> less than what we do on the show.

>> doing there were connections on that brief window?

>> yes. can i say the connections? danielle and evan from the start.

>> they live like a couple blocks from each other. how joe graphically desirable. seriously?

>> did you feel something with danielle ?

>> i had a nice time talking to all ladies. danielle was especially nice to talk to him.

>> did you feel something?

>> very friendly. you got the upper east side feel. we both live in the same neighborhood.

>> kathleen, did you connect with any of the guys?

>> i thought everybody was nice. yeah, i had connections with everybody in different ways. either worked in the similar neighborhood or lived in the same neighborhood.

>> so there's possibility?

>> yes.

>> how about you pria?

>> not really.

>> she just started dating after a marriage. she's new to the scene.

>> you a wounded person, right? yeah. that's never easy coming through that.

>> a lot of people expect to meet someone and feel this heart pounding.

>> like a movie love story. you've got to go with the flow, enjoy the experience and make friends. the guy that you make as a friend will likely lead to a husband. that's proven by the way.

>> we're going to get to things you should not do. what are you guys looking for in a woman? that's michael right?

>> someone with confidence, someone that shares the same interest as me. someone motivated and wants to have an amazing time in this great city and just go from there.

>> someone that can take a joke.

>> i'm taking them. hoda too.

>> you are nice.

>> evan ?

>> like most people it starts off with chemistry, physical attraction and then hopefully once the wine wears off you still have the emotional connection.

>> you go on a date and have a few drink to take the edge off.

>> two drink maximum. that's what i say.

>> you say no sex.

>> we have hormones in our body that makes us fall in love even with a loser. sex gives you a orgasm and you're done.

>> how long?

>> two to three month period to get to no someone. you can fool around and do other things.

>> what happened to our world? tell us real quickly what are you looking for sweetie?

>> someone that can make me laugh. it's nice to have fun in the day and someone who's sweet. i always like people that show vulnerability.

>> danielle ?

>> i would say somebody that goes against the grain, doesn't take the road everyone else takes.

>> what about you?

>> someone who's honest and smart.

>> straight forward?

>> i'm pretty straight forward so yes.

>> what are the land minds in the boughting world?

>> ta -- the dating world?

>> talking about the exes. anything about women.

>> i like my mother very much.

>> don't get drunk like we talked about. also, talking about the experience of dating which neutralizes the sex. if you talk about the dates you went online with, it doesn't make the other person feel special.

>> and listen.

>> listen. that's a good one.

>> thanks everybody. we wish you luck.

>>> tune in to patty's value valentine's special tomorrow night on bravo.